A. Cortes Vega

Legal administrative assistant / Diplomat, Florali Business Consultancy
  • Netherlands

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Dear reader, 

My name is Anthony Gabriel Cortes Vega. I am currently finalizing my bachelors degree in International European and Commercial law at The Hague university of Applied Sciences. I am also currently working as a legal administrative assistant at a private held company owned by my business companion. I have a strong interest in private equity investments and I intend to explore this topic further by pursuing a masters degree in finance and investments at the London school of Business and Finance. I am currently also a member of the East west European institute; where I receive specialized training to further develop my diplomatic capacities, furthermore for my final year I have arranged an internship at the Costa Rican embassy where I will finalize my bachelors as a legal intern at the Costa Rican embassy, where I will practice and demonstrate my diplomatic skills. Thereafter, I strive to attend Maastricht university and follow a masters in European Policy. Apart from all my ambitions I enjoy attending OECD meetings to explore more interesting and significant policy areas to further broaden my knowledge of international economic policies and taxation. I aim to start a business in watches, by end this year to further fund my ambitions and goals. I have already arranged capital to start this project. I am looking forward to attending as many events as I possibly can to further broaden my knowledge and learn new skills. 

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