Pedro Pereira Leite

Researcher, Museu Educação e Diversidade
  • Museu Educação e Diversidade
  • Mozambique

About Pedro Pereira Leite

University Professor and Researcher at Museum on Global Education and Cultural Diversity. In 1985 he completed a BA in History (at FL-UL). In 1997 he completed a MsC in Contemporary History at FL-UL)), with a dissertation about cultural action by publishers and books edition. In 2011, he successfully presented his PhD thesis in Museology (at Lusophone University in Lisbon), with honours, on a Museological process in Muzambike Island. Between 2011-2017 had been Post-Doctoral Researcher at Coimbra University and Lushofona Univesrity. He pursues a parallel carrier on Cultural Action and Community Mediation in Lisbon and Mozambique and is involved in NGO militancy for Sustainable Development and Sustainable communities.