Silvana Koch-Mehrin

President and Founder, Women Political Leaders
Juan Guzman Romana

Director Ejecutivo, Fundación Blas Valera - Peru

Md Shahidul Islam

Executive Director , Global Consultant for Research and Innovation (GCRI)



Elie Abossèdé

Consultant international communications et gestion des connaissances, Consultdev international



HH Datu Pradeep Sapkota

Director, SUNWay Research and Innovation Center

Youth Activist / Global Leader / Global Youth Ambassador / Peace and Humanitarian Ambassador / Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors

On 23rd March ,2018 Pradeep Sapkota was adopted as a noble son of The Royal House of Baloi , Mindanao, Philippines by it's Rajah Mandadore , His Royal Highness Tuanku Dr. Datu Camad Mangotara Ali. On 17th March, 2019 "The Royal House of Baloi"- granted and conferred noble status with the rank of Datu Prince and vested as a Honorary Cultural Ambassador to Nepal".

He is Datu(Prince) at The Royal House of Baloi and The Royal Chivalric Order of Baloi , Youth Activist / Global Leader / Global Youth Ambassador / Founder/President of Change Nepalese Mission Organization and SUNWay Research and Innovation Center.

Mission : "Change Negative Norms and Values From Society To Create Sustainable Development".

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), ICT Training, and Social Media . Strong Social Entrepreneur business development professional with a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Application and Masters in Business Administration.

He had visited more than 30 districts of Nepal along with other countries like India, Bangladesh, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France , Italy ,Philippines ,East Africa (Rwanda , Uganda, Kenya) .

Sabitha Mani

Research scholar, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

ThankGod Nomsonh

Founder and Executive Chair, Iff Chamber

I am the Founder and Executive Chair of Iff Chamber (Intercontinental Food Feature Chamber). It is a diversified non-profit enterprise working to engage, bring attention and partner to demystify the erring and drive positive change to the challenges surrounding the food system of the global society.

It is on the move in demonstrating interconnectedness and  entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standard of diversity, dignity and moral intellectualism in its operation. 

It is however independent, holistic and not tied totally to any special interest because Food is at the center of social-economic and health activities in the global scale.  

Brenda Okorogba

Founder, Momentswithbren Consulting

Brenda is a Learning Experience (LX) Designer,  Service Designer, Capacity Building and Learning Specialist, Training Facilitator, Grant Writer and a Positive Psychology Coach. Brenda prides herself on maximizing outcomes and taking initiatives from good to great. As a leader, she believes in mentoring and empowering others to take initiative in creating their own success. Brenda is passionate about improving quality of life by promoting access to inclusive education and job opportunities which can equip people with the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Jasna Karacic

Health diplomacy expert, International Council of the Patient Ombudsman

Jasna Karacic is a Head of the Patients’ Rights Unit of UNESCO Chair in evidence-based medicine and a university researcher in Health diplomacy. She served as a diplomat during the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2020, delegated from the Ministry of Health. She became a Home and Justice Counselor for medical cannabis and human rights during the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic at the United Nations.

In 2016, she is elected for president of the Croatian Association for the Promotion of the Patients’ Rights and afterward, due to the effort made for the engaging scientific rule in person-centered medicine became a Patient Ombudsman by the International Council of the Patient Ombudsman©. The main purpose results in supporting the involvement of protection of patient rights and safety in the curriculum of medical universities that may stand as a landmark in the relationship between doctor-patient. Following this, she published a student manual „Patient-based medicine“ which addresses how to deal with the challenge of a medical career while together delivering the best care in the eyes of the patient and as an outcome she established a „Best medical practice Award“ for the doctors.

After graduating in forensic science with the thesis of forensic psychiatry from the University of Split in Croatia, she specialized in medical law where she earned a master’s in Patient safety from the University of Padova in Italy.
She achieved further education in psychotherapy with the primary goal of promoting communication between the patient and the healthcare providers, focusing on preventive measures in order to prevent complaints.
She completed a specialized UN training program on a Diplomatic academy organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and become a member of the diplomat network.

During study as an outstanding student with many significant extracurricular activities, she was rewarded with a university international fellowship and attended a Harvard Clinical Bioethics Course as a visiting researcher.
She is a member of the Cochrane global network in Croatia and Belgium, where she works on the project title „Professionalism in healthcare“ for obtaining a Ph.D. dissertation.
At the postgraduate study on medical law, she is a guest lecturer.
She is actively engaged in scientific work and invited as a keynote speaker worldwide.
She is the author of abstracts and publications which research has focused mainly on health politics and global health diplomacy including human-patient rights, patient safety, health literacy, informed consent, clinical risk, medical law, bioethics, legal and forensic science, health management, etc.

She was a candidate for the WHO Technical Advisory Group on behavioral insights and sciences for public health.
On the strength of the fighting for anti-corruption policy in the healthcare system, she has also become recognizable far beyond Croatia, and her work is recognized by the European Police Association by offering an honorary membership.

From 2017 she became part of the Council of the Croatian Government for Croats outside the Republic of Croatia and helps people in cross-border health care.
In 2018, she became involved in the working group by creating the Health Protection Act and the Commission of the Ministry of Health for establishing the criteria for the development of the hospital health network institution. She is a member of advisers for the local Health Council.
At the request of the Public Ombudsman to prepare the Ombudsman’s report on the work submitted to the Parliament, she submits relevant statistics, research, and conclusions, important for the evaluation of human rights and the suppression of discrimination.

On the call, she readily accepts the invitations to voluntary work.
She is a fluent speaker in Croatian, English, Italian and elementary in French.
She is autonomous in socio-political and public life, independent, and not affiliated with any political party.

Jessica Roland

CEO , charity foundation

charity foundation is available here 

Paul Lambore


Syed Ahmed

consultant, Syed consultant

Syed Ahmed

consultant, Syed consultant

Wilson N David



MD, Windy Jones


Lecturer, UR

Anca del Rio

Head of Quality Management and Organisational Development / Founder, Klinik Meissenberg / The Digital Aid Project

Theodoros P. Dimopoulos

Scientific Associate - Ph.D. Candidate, Hellenic Parliament - University of Thessaly

Till January 2015, I have worked as a Social Worker at the National Health Operations Center, Greek Ministry of Health. In 2014 I have accomplished my MSc studies in Health Economics & Management. At the moment I'm enrolling my PhD on Thermal, Wellness Tourism and Rehabilitation aspiring to elaborate on the barriers and perspectives regarding the relevant industry in Fthiotida Regional Unity. 

Prior to that I have worked as a Social Worker at the European Cultural & Research Center of Athens in collaboration with Municipalities of Zografos and Kessariani, while in the past I have worked either as a Social Worker, or as an Administrative officer in several private Healthcare Units/Long term care units, such as Polyclinic Group, etc.

As of 2012 and according to a Ministerial mandate I was appointed as a Board Member of Interconnected General Hospitals of Lamia - Amfissa - Karpenisi, keeping this position for approximately one and a half year.

As of October 2016 till November 2019 I have been appointed by the Minister of Labor, Social Insurance & Social Solidarity as the Head of the Board of Directors at the Social Welfare Center of the Region of Central Greece (Public Law Legal Entity - Governmental Organisation) which is the main regional-level social care provision services cluster, trying to contribute to the implementation of the Greek Government's strategic plan on social care, foster care, "DI", family care and people with special needs protection.

In parrallel, between the the same period I have been an Alternate Member of the Board of Directors of the first National Adoption & Foster-care Council in accordance to the relevant Ministerial Desicion.

I have also been an elected Member of the BoD at the Hellenic Healthcare Services Association, carrying duties of the Chief Communications Officer, as of 2017 I am a Member of the European Commission’s SCHEER Committee on Rapid Risk Assessment of Healthcare and Environmental Risks, participating in annual in person one-day/two-day external experts' meetings with focus on public health risks assessment, while as of November 2021 till June 2022 one of the 60 delegates of the European Health Parliament's 7th Edition working as a Member of the Sustainable Health Systems Commitee.

Finally, my current professional capacity is linked to the Hellenic Parliament's function, as I'm an MP's Scientific Associate, providing assistance regarding daily institutional obligations, parliamentary control and cognate activities.