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Angela Carbone

Dean Learning Innovation, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at Swinburne University of Technology

Professor Angela Carbone is the Dean Learning Innovation in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at Swinburne University of Technology. Prior to this role, Angela was the Director of Education Excellence at Monash University. She has extensive educational leadership experience and an international profile in scholarship of learning and teaching. Her teaching achievements are recognised internationally, being the first female academic to be awarded the University Teacher of the Year and secure two National Teaching Fellowships. At the core of Angela’s work is her immersion in pedagogy, drive for innovation, excellence in educational practice and leadership in digital transformation.
Nicolas Woloszko

Junior Economist, OECD

Neila Bachene

Editorial Assistant, OECD

Natalie Laechelt

Purchasing Officer, OECD

Nadine N'diaye

Head of Resource Management, Public affairs and communications directorate, OECD

Marion Desmartin

Counsellor, Branding and Outsourcing, OECD

Marina Meurer

Marketing, OECD

Babis Avlakiotis

Intern - Student , OECD

Karl Skarr is a Senior Analyst at The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nobel Knowledge Building
Javier Diez-Aguirre

Vice President, Corporate Marketing, CSR & Environment, EMEA, Ricoh Europe

Javier is a world-class and award-winning (fully deserved) international marketer on a mission to get marketing better represented in the boardroom. He is a self-confessed vessel of charisma who believes that marketers need to stop moaning, ditch the jargon and become more business-minded if they want to get the recognition they crave from the almighty board. Fluent in three European languages, he’s studied and worked in various countries around the world. This makes him a master of cultural nuance, a great travel guide, worldly beyond his youthful looks but a nightmare for his accountant. His truly global approach was recognised by Inter-National-Ist Magazine when he was named an ‘Internationalist of the Year’ in 2007. During his two decades in marketing, he’s specialised in helping businesses thrive in times of change, whether they’re growing rapidly, repositioning themselves or going through M&As. And while his work has sometimes given him a few grey hairs, helping to achieve big transformations always puts a huge smile on his face. Holding a PhD in Microbial Biochemistry (that’s genetics to you and me), Javier brings a keenly scientific approach to everything that he does. He’s regularly called on by the marketing press to share his views on how to tame data overwhelm and the role of AI in marketing. He’s also a valued speaker at the International Advertising Association, the CMO Network and the Global Digital Marketing Summit as well as at the IESE Business School in London. Today, Javier is Vice President, Corporate Marketing for Ricoh Europe where he leads a large internal team and a wide range of global agencies covering branding, sponsorship, digital and PR. Before that, he was International Brand Director for Genworth Financial, a $110 billion leading insurance holding company in the United States and formerly a division of General Electric. As a die-hard sailor, Javier tries not to think too much about the beautiful warm winds of his native Spain while he slowly freezes each weekend off the coast of Southampton.
Amit Singh

Head of Public Policy, Uber

Jacques van den Broek

CEO and Chair of the Executive Board, Randstad

Jacques van den Broek is the CEO and Chair of the Executive Board of Randstad, the global leader in HR services industry. After graduating in law, Jacques held a management position with an international trading company until he joined Randstad as a branch manager. Appointments followed as Regional Director in the Netherlands and, subsequently, as Marketing Director Randstad Europe. In 2002, he moved to Capac Inhouse Services as Managing Director, also taking on responsibility for Randstad in Denmark and Switzerland. Jacques van den Broek is responsible for France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal, as well as Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay). In addition, he is responsible for Business Concept Development and Public Affairs.

Young Economic Summit, Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Cass Sunstein

Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard Law School

Catherine Alice Howarth

Chief Executive, ShareAction