Angelo Marcopolo

Jurist + Journalist for European/International News during 24 Years (CoE/EU/OSCE/UN/G7-8/G20+9/1993-2018), Eurofora+ (already Accredited to CoE, EU Summits, OSCE, UN, G7-8/G20 etc)
  • Eurofora+ (already Accredited to CoE, EU Summits, OSCE, UN, G7-8/G20 etc)
  • France

Recent Comments

Feb 28, 2018

Very Good Initiative, Dear Anthony, and we Wish you the Best !

Interestingly, it looks a bit like a Similar Project that we are Trying to Stimulate in the European/Paneuropean area + Institutions of EU/CoE during 20 Years (i.e. almost since the Beginning of the Web : 1997-2018), and Mainly during the Latest 12 Years (+2006-2018), initially called "EIW/Europe in the World", and afterwards "EuroFora", for Debates Before Decisions, (Independently from -and in Addition to- the "News" aspect), which might, eventually, Cooperate adequately with OECD's Web Forum Network, if possible, in the foreseable Future.

A Suggestion, for now : Do you think that People might Dream at a Future Extension of OECD's Forum Web Network in order to Cover, well Beyond the Annual Forum/Summit events, also similar Web Debates Before all Other Important Decisions/Events during OECD Activities, all the way through the entire, full year ?

If Yes, then, this would, naturally, imply also an updatable Link to OECD's main Agenda, for obvious Practical reasons.

It may usefully Contribute also to Stimulate further and/or Help generate a Wider impact for interesting/Topical Press "News" around OECD's activities, for all Stakeholders.