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Professor of Business Enterprise and Innovation, University of Essex
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Feb 19, 2018

Consider working with member states, regions and institutions for the creation of a Citizens Policy Forum, a la various Citizens Science forums, at the local project or event level. The idea would be to take a range of OECD initiatives, identify the ones which address between 5-10 of the global disconnects of, for example,  inequality, climate change, technological disempowerment, race and gender equality, and create Citizens forums to address these issues and, crucially find local solutions to local issues reflecting these big disconnects. Promote local dialogue and knowledge exchange but also co-create instruments and institutions of change, such as those of entrepreneurship (as a social movement and not just creating new firms), social innovation Follow that up by leveraging the OECD's international connectivity power base to facilitate global exchange among people who are generally not represented at OECD events. It is important to accommodate counter narratives of people and the diversity of class, gender and race.

It would be great if the OECD could harness pro-active minds and hearts to create such a platform, and form there, to foster the creation of a Citizen Science, Citizen Entrepreneurship, Citizen Technology, Citizen Research, Citizen Climate Change , etc. forums, according to priorities of the regions.. 

Why not consider a session at your May event, if possible. I'd be happy to work with you to develop this tangible idea. 

Jay Mitra