Ian Anthony

Programme Director, SIPRI
  • Sweden

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May 13, 2019

With apologies to Cicero ... his conclusion was that a stable commonwealth requires balance between the King, the better class and the mob, but a stable balance is always elusive. A King that becomes a tyrant would be assassinated by plotters from the better class. The better class would be chased from office by the mob once they degenerated into nepotism and corruption. As the mob descended into disorder, popular support would empower a new autocratic leader to suppress them. Politics and governance is a continuous process of rebalancing.

Is it a correct understanding that activists are the contemporary manifestation of the mob? A necessary corrective because the better class has become corrupt?

Feb 19, 2018

I think the interrelationship between digitisation, urbanisation and globalisation it is a good topic for the OECD given current priorities. 

Data driven strategies to reduce urban violence in all its forms would help cities to unlock their full economic and social potential. How can we build tools that measure criminal, political and social violence in ways that provide cities with a comprehensive picture? That comprehensive picture is a key element of identifying actual (rather than assumed) problems of urban violence, and also links directly to developing proactive strategies to contain and reduce urban violence.