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Mar 12, 2018

This topic is key. Thank you Mr Gooch.

1/ How can each of us - make sure of the content he has?

2/ How can we denonciate false information?

3/ How can OECD provide information on this? 

4/ Should international organization be the garrant of true information? Should department be created?

5/ Why are we fighting all against corruption, gender inequality and not against fake informations?


Mar 06, 2018

Option 2 - Ce qui nous rassemble

Mar 06, 2018
Replying to Hannah Ryder

Our organisation is called Development Reimagined for exactly the reasons the OECD has decided to hold and co-create this forum. 

We are based in China (and are, in fact, the first Kenyan wholly foreign owned enterprise in China) and we specialise in "bridging the gap" between China and poorer countries, especially in Africa. We specialise in this area because we believe it is one of the most important opportunities and challenges for the future of global development, especially given China's commitment to delivering the "Belt and Road Initiative". 

We therefore would like to offer our support to the OECD in co-creating a panel or other type of session focused on stimulating and supporting either: south-south cooperation, trilateral cooperation, or even more specifically International cooperation along the Belt and Road OR Africa-China cooperation (Note: The latter could be justified as this year in September will be the 7th Forum on China Africa Cooperation, in Beijing, marking 18 years of its existence).

We can promise a very innovative approach to ensuring such a session is lively, practical and results focused. We look forward to hearing from you. Please explore our work at:  

I am not part of the OECD but I believe that your South-South cooperation is an amazing initiative! 

Mar 06, 2018
Replying to LIZ MUSCH

Education, education, education.  At all levels, in all countries, for all people.  

The abolition of fake news.  It divides us so we need to banish it to have a chance to be united.

Caring for our children, their lives and well being, and their future.

It is also impossible to discuss what unites us without addressing our dependence on the environment and how we are destroying it at a rapid pace.  Positively said, more laws on the books, internationally/regionally/nationally/etc to protect the rights of nature must be enacted, supported, embraced by us all.

I look forward to the forum!

Liz Musch

Could not agree more!

Mar 06, 2018

Hello dear Anthony, dear OECD Forum network,

I am a professional in strategy and management consulting in France and studying in parallel Geopolitics mainly focusing on areas such as Africa and the Middle East.

I would like to raise a key topic on this upcoming OECD Forum Network, discussing the "sense of emergency" of preparing the transition to War Refugees.

1. How are OECD countries involved into the welcoming of refugees for the next 5 years?

2. What is their commitment?

3. Does the OECD countries aware on the fact that not welcomed and uneducated refugees could be a risk for them but also for OECD countries?

4. Should we be able to demonstrate by figures and statement that refugees could be a chance instead of growing as a risk for them and for their home / host countries?

I think that war refugees should on the top of the agenda and believe that this issue has a "sense of emergency" within the OECD and its people is key.

Do you think that this topic could be raised proving with (i) facts and (ii) figures the long-term positive impact on educating / welcoming refugees?

My best regards,