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After the financial problems for the world economy commenced in 2007 there were countless jobs lost across the globe.Subsequently there were conflicting numbers on the total lost forthcoming from the IMF, ILO  amongst other multilateral organisations.There was talk of the "lost decade" and here we are in 2018.What were the final numbers of jobs lost and how many has the world economy replaced in the 10 years following the crash?

Many of the issues we are witnessing in the OECD and beyond could be solved if there was a concerted effort to re imagine the world economy taking account of climate change,the need for a circular and recyclable city environments, and a sustainable food chain.New work would result from this which would help alleviate the political upheavals we are currently witnessing.

The real issues at hand are the need to find something for people to do in our rapidly changing world of work.Indeed will all those eligible and wanting to work be able to find something to do as we reach peak population estimates of 10 billion people on the planet by 2050?