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About Victor Freundt

Industrial Designer. Manager of Creativity and Innovation Lab in PromPerú. Co-founder of Fab Lab in Peru. FabLearn Fellow from Stanford University. Strategy Designer for public entities in terms of Education, Cultural Heritage and Drug Abuse Prevention. Innovation Consultant.

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Mar 07, 2018

Option 1: I feel its goal is to find one thing in common, something that all of us have and we have to discover. Sometimes what unites us doesn't have to be what people like/need. The word "us" could have been "all", so it sounds more inclusive.

Option 2: I feel more mystery. We might have to discover ways or topics to talk about. It is more open to discuss what unites us and what doesn't unite us. Somehow, "together" also sounds friendly. 

I would vote for Option 2.

Jan 26, 2018

Why not talking about the possibility of implementing Labs in different public and private entities, including brand new careers as biology, electric engineering, industrial design, together with Hackers and Makers? Added to that, many of them can be Millennials or younger. 

Maybe, in order to develop a real change, what unites us is the creation of spaces with people from different ages, genres, origin, background and mindset, so everyone can share ideas, feelings and opportunities.

For example in Peru, we are developing a Creativity and Innovation Lab in a public entity, and what we are planning to do in order to develop 21st Century Skills in public workers is to transform what we already have: spaces, tools and mindset. 

I am pretty sure more countries have Labs (and lots of stories to tell related to challenges, risks, failures, etc.) so maybe that could be an interesting topic/ingredient for OECD Forum 2018.

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