Elna Rosin

OECD Forum Intern, OECD
  • France
Jordan Masys

Co-founder & COO, Labfront

Jordan is Co-founder & COO of Labfront, a global startup specializing in digital biomarkers and analytics. It is well known for its health research platform Labfront, and was recognized as one of the world’s top COVID-19 innovations by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

He is also Co-founder of nonprofit organization PhysioQ aimed at democratizing access to health research by providing affordable research tools and educational resources.

Jordan is widely recognized as a Technology Leader for Good, regularly speaking at the United Nations Economic Commission, the African Union, and world conferences, showing what's possible when technology companies aim for impact.

In 2021, he was recognized by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business as one of the Top 50 Canadian leaders creating change.

Prior to founding Labfront, Jordan was one of the founding team members of Nordic Medical Centre, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During this time, he also led the successful creation and launch of Ethiopia’s first full-circle Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. Short documentary on their work can be viewed here.

Mohammad Ariful Islam

SDGs & Climate Activist, UN SDG Action Campaign

Mohammad Ariful Islam [Arif],

SDGs & Climate Activist Action activist and Change-maker.

Communications Volunteer of UN SDG Action Campaign.

Business Manager of HSB Multitrade Limited, Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is on top a Founder and Chief Advisor of Hallo Bangladesh Youth Organization. He is passionate to utilize his expertise to drive good business – One that cares for people and the planet. He typically works as a general manager in a business service company. He has efficiently been raising awareness and engaging people to the SDGs and Climate action.

Mr. Arif's mission is to empower peoples specially youth and marginalized group to rise up and live abundantly. He is contributing to end poverty and becoming ready for the next level of challenge to do the bigger good for humanity and peaceful world.

Silton José Ramos

Estudante, sjr8sjr


Deputy Secretary, Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh

Rajiv Kumar

Doctoral Scholar , Central university of Gujarat

April Kathleen Ward

OECD Forum Intern, OECD