Patrick Newton Bondo

Chief Executive Officer, Outreach Social Care Project
  • Outreach Social Care Project
  • Canada

About Patrick Newton Bondo

Mr. Patrick Newton Bondo is a Main NGOs Representative to the United Nations and Chief Executive Officer of the Outreach Social Care Project (OSCAR) a grass-roots, non-profit organization, which supports children, adults and young families in Pietermaritzburg, the capital of the KwaZulu-Natal province in eastern South Africa and in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo- DRC since 2008. Mr. Patrick Newton Bondo and Outreach Social Care Project are tackling DRC and South Africa’s overwhelming development challenges. I speak English, French, Swahili, Zulu, Bemba and Luba; I had a great opportunity to travel the world, meeting great people. Mr. Patrick Newton Bondo graduated in Social work at Te Wananga O Aotearoa (University of New Zealand) and in Development Leadership at St. Francis Xavier University (Canada). What inspires me in my life is the opportunity to make a difference to the people around me. It’s why I do the work that I do, and it inspires me in my personal life as well. My goal is to continue to enhance my skills and abilities so that I can further my development as an individual and as a leader. I am passionate about driving forward a worthwhile cause with a group of like- minded individuals (Responsible, active in the community and team player). I have worked with close in partnership with United Nations agencies, Government Departments, Private Sectors, Civil Society and Non-governmental organization for accountability and sustainability. Combined impact of these activities I helped inform United Nations agencies, governments and communities about the solutions needed to tackle Human Rights challenges, Education, Health, extreme poverty and exclusion, as well as facilitated cross-sector partnerships to promote rights and identity opportunities for the youth and women. I am inspired by those that can look beyond today's current challenges to see the big picture and by those that believe they can influence positive change that will result in better outcomes. I was awarded by the New Zealand Government- Manukau City Council for the great Service to the Community of the people of New Zealand. I was born in Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo formally Zaire. I am committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development which offers an historic opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and endure no one is left behind under the 2030 Agenda. I value the power of communities. I know that by working together and building capacity, we can achieve the greatest goals. I will continue working to protect and empower women, girls and children by ensuring their right to education, health, sexual and reproductive health care, to safety from gender-based violence, and to economic and social empowerment. Together we can make this world a better place for all. One of my greatest passions is helping others. When I was younger, I enjoyed helping my mom with household repairs. As I grew older, that habit grew and I desired to help others as well. I like helping people find solutions that meet their specific needs.

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