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Google's director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, predicts that in the 2030s humans will become hybrids because "our brain will be able to connect directly to the cloud, where there will be thousands of computers and those computers will increase our existing intelligence .
"The brain will connect through nanobots, tiny robots made of strands of DNA. Our thinking will then be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking. "
Kurzweil spoke on this topic last Wednesday at the Exponential Finance conference (New York) and also pointed out that by the end of 2040, human thought will be predominantly biological, even humans of that decade will be able to "back up" the information found in the brain.
We are witnessing, in this context, an effervescence of digital technology in the world of education. At the beginning the blogs entered without knocking on the door, then the websites, computers in class, the first applications, digital whiteboards, ipads, pilot centers ...
And we hear affirmations like: "In 20 years the students will not go to school", "The best book is a good computer", "The teacher now takes a secondary role", etc. Given this, the gurus ignore the fact that Silicon Valley managers are taking their children to "traditional schools."

The scheme that I learned in my first years of parent teachers-students has been replaced by iPad-wifi-students. We are facing the dehumanization of education. Our mouths are filled with the fact that our crisis is a crisis of values and we are not only shocked by this reality, but we encourage it.
Our schools have to be leaders in new technologies. But, please, the role of the true teacher, of the accompaniment in the emotional growth of the student, is irreplaceable. Our teenagers are hungry for coherent references. Do not take them off. Combining the two fields today is a miracle. My school has achieved it and that is why I work there.

There is a great affective orphanage among the young people of our days. Not only because more than half of the couples break up, but because the affection in our homes is not expressed, it does not manifest itself and our young people are nostalgic, wandering; They lack something and do not know what it is. I hope they do not end up as the protagonist of the movie HER, falling in love with a computer; We are making it very easy for you.

The great professor D. Juan Luis Lorda says: "the word to educate, to educate, means to draw from within. But it is not removed mechanically as the coal is extracted from the mines. It is taken out by stimulating and guiding, because what wakes up - there is the wonder - is a free being, an autonomous and creative subject by itself; although it still can not be at all, because his wings have taken off.
"The most beautiful thing about the art of educating is to reach the mysterious core of consciousness, the inner harp, get it to come into resonance, vibrate with the values of culture. In this way, each of the spiritual and mysterious dimensions of human persons is developed. "
Therefore, after reading Professor Lorda I propose some actions to play the harp of every human being, or means for the END that we all want:

1. Read Dostoyevsky. 2 Listen to Mozart. 3 Do sport three times during the week. 4 Do not sleep less than eight hours a day. 5 Grow a hobby on a daily basis. 6 Pray. 7 Check the press daily. 8 Listen to the good radio. 9 If you love your work you are privileged, if not, propose it. 10 Travel to a different country every year. 11 Read thirty books a year. 12 He goes to the cinema twenty times a year. 13 There are only two or three real friends, "brothers", forever. Take care of them. 14 Try not to hate anyone. "Cardiological Hygiene". 15 Marry your "partner for life", not with a "physical". 16 Immerse yourself in the landscapes of Turner. 17 Never despise a sunset, the smell of wet earth or the enraged sea: embobate. 18 Volunteer according to your circumstances.

It seems that the new current will lead us to a mechanized and less human relationship. Little by little we will be moving away from our means and end that we confuse so many times and that is essential to every human being: to be happy.

There are as many roads as there are human beings, but remember we all have to be human. Let's not lose our essence because we will extinguish our existence. The great geniuses have come to her, each in her own way: Einstein: "If you want to live a happy life".