John Ede

President/CEO, Ohaha Family Foundation
  • Ohaha Family Foundation
  • Nigeria
Ina de Haan

Senior Auditor, Algemene Rekenkamer

Shaw Paw

Professor, University of California

Shaw Paw is a professor of Economics and University of California. He was born in Newark, NJ. He has been working on the economies of emerging technologies such as electric scooters, self balancing hover-boards, electric unicycles and drones. These gadgets and machines are claimed to be beneficial to the economy and the environment. Its is crucial to undertake intensive studies to determine if electric scooters, for instance, save money and other resources in the long run. My most recent paper is 'The Economics of Electric Scooters and their Effects on Sustainability in the United States'. Join me in the quest to uncover the mystery.
Mariana Mazzucato

R.M. Phillips Professor in Economics of Innovation, Author, University of Sussex

Anthony Teasdale

Director, European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

Lizette Risgaard

President , Danish Confederation of Trade Unions

Lizette Risgaard is the president of FH Danish Trade Union Confederation. FH is the largest trade union confederation in Denmark with a membership of 1.3 million. Prior to her current position Lizette Risgaard was since 2015 the president of LO Denmark. Besides her many responsibilities in Denmark, Lizette Risgaard is also a vice president of TUAC. Lizette Risgaard holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Liam Byrne

Member of Parliament, Chairman All Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth, UK Parliament

Rasmus Kjeldahl

CEO, Børns Vilkår

NGO Leadership - Consumer/Social
John Hearn

Chairman, Australia Africa Universities Network; Former Executive Director, Worldwide Universities Network

Dani Rodrik

Professor of International Economy, Harvard University

Stephen Kendall-Jones

M.Ed.(Hons), B.A.(Hons), FRSA. (Ph.D. candidate)., Albany Junior High School

Dr Wong Wai Lun

E-Government Expert, Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration

Policy analysis
Luca De Biase

Media Ecology Research director, Reimagine Europa

journalist, blogger, writer

Sarah Thiebaut

Intern - Marketing Assistant, OECD

Sabine Rehbichler

International Programmes & Advocacy Director, Light for the World

Nicole Kristen

Developer, Mindmajix