Sharan Burrow

General Secretary, ITUC
Rachel Elizabeth

Country Representative , NHRF

Paul Kilimi Wanda

Teacher of English language and Literature in English, Holy Cross Lake View SS, Wanyange

Glad to share with you about myself. I am a teacher of English language and Literature in English. I love reading and writing. I also love editing. I passionately love advising the youth/adolescents. 

Although I am not active in the politics of our country, Uganda, I am incessantly disturbed the way local leaders misuse the readily available resources. I imagine they would certainly do better!

My experience as a teacher of English language and Literature in English has exposed me to various young people in our country, Uganda. Whereas some learners could easily conceptualize academic concepts 10 years ago, today majority of the learners exhibit lots of challenges in conceptualizing academic concepts. It is a very disturbing trend! The reason for this mediocrity in learning could be attributed to effects of academics. Most academics in our country, Uganda, are not fairing well. Their socio - economic status in the community is not only wanting but also deplorable, shaming and pitiful. It is a scenario where you find a typical illiterate, doing petty business but far better than an academic with illustrative degree certificates. I believe, this is what is demeaning academics in our society. The young people imagine it is NOT worthy studying.... This is so disturbing.... I do not know what holds for the future.......


Kilimi Wanda Paul



Md. Moniruzzaman Md. Moniruzzaman

Executive Director, Aid Organization


Lawyer, Higher gates attorneys

Giovanni Vignato

Instructor, FIDE (World Chess Federation)

Howard K Whitton

Director and CPO, The Ethicos Group

Yang Jingyi

Management , xi’an jiaotong university

Nuno Nunes

Researcher, University Institute of Lisbon

Silton José Ramos

Estudante, sjr8sjr


Deputy Secretary, Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh