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Salih KURT Biography [Abstract 2 EN]
1st Term of Office of the Chairman of the Kassak Commission = March 20, 2021

Deputy Chairman1 Bayram ALTAN Deputy Chairman2 Hulusi KILIÇ
Deputy Chairman3 Güldal AKŞİT

Deputies Vice President1 Ilham Rahimov (2021-)
Vice President2 [[Av. Mustafa Kuran] (2021-)

Date of birth and age = 09.07.1980 / 43
Place of birth = Trabzon, Turkey
Date of death =
Place of death =
Birth name = Salih KURT
Wife = Yasemin Kurt Children = İsmail KURT (2013)
Religion = Islam
Website = https://www.salihkurt.com.tr
Occupation= Senior Executive (President).
Education and Early Career:
Salih KURT was born in Trabzon on July 9, 1980. He continues his education at the
University of Arizona as a distance learner in digital media.
However, he started working as a Gendarmerie Intelligence and Technical Support Officer
at a young age. During this period, he worked in the field of counter-terrorism and
intelligence and gained field experience. During the same period, in 1997 and 1998, he
played a role in the gathering of the first capture committee by locating the terrorist leader
Abdullah Öcalan in Syria.

Counter-Terrorism and Public Duties:
Between 1998 and 1999, due to his experience in the fight against terrorism, he served on
the Prime Ministry's High Terrorism Advisory Board. In this role, he made significant
contributions to counter-terrorism strategies and policies.
Military Career and Health Status:
Salih KURT served in the Turkish Armed Forces as a 5188 private, but was treated for
health problems until 2009. During this period, he could not return due to health problems
and his service was terminated.

Entrepreneurship and Technology:

 In 2010, he completed the Kalekol Project and delivered it to Tübitak. In 2011, he founded
TRTAJANS, a company that operates in the fields of media, communication and technology.
TRTAJANS realized the "World Peace" Project as a public service announcement in 422
municipalities, became a member of the European Press Federation and received electronic
signature authorization.

International Relations and Contributions:
Salih KURT has also made significant contributions in the international arena. He was a
candidate for the United Nations Advisory Staff, chaired the "Genocide of Armenians in
1918" conference and established the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission.
This commission operates with great effort worldwide with participants from 36 countries.
Salih KURT is currently working on a project called Ussam Courts.

Media and Journalism:

Salih KURT was appointed as the President of the World Turkish
Journalist Union. In this role, he is active in the field of international media and journalism
and is carrying out effective work in this field.

Family and Personal Life:
Salih KURT is married to Yasemin KURT. We do not have more details about his family
and personal life. Due to health and safety concerns, he spends most of his time at home.


Salih KURT is a personality who has been active in a wide range of fields and
has assumed responsibility in different areas. He has carried out effective work in different
fields such as counter-terrorism, entrepreneurship, media, international relations, and has
been a leader in major projects such as the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation

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