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About Angela Paulk

I am analyst and a change agent, with a nuanced perspective on global markets developed over career focused on understanding big picture context, facilitating consensus, and working with a wide range of business stakeholders - from grassroots/start-up level to multi-national corporates as well as externally, with the investment community, the media, & regulators as well as civil society. With a strategy <=> execution background, I enjoy the variety of transitioning from strategic deep dives & investment analysis to managing & communicating change, and value the dynamism and input of working with multiple collaborators - across functions, sectors, regions, and levels of organizational maturity.

My professional experience ranges across sectors, industries and geographies although the bulk of my work has been working at/for the leading global investment banks - equity research & macro advisory (Citi), strategy consulting & business development (startups acquired by BCG and S&P), governance & regulatory driven transformational change (Deutsche Bank). Prior to financial services, I worked at a NYC budget think tank focused on allocation of municipal, state, national budget cadence to social service organizations, at a poultry plant in rural Georgia (US) which supplied some of the leading US consumer and restaurant & leisure companies, and served 2 years as a humanitarian aid volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in Russia. More recently as a consultant, I have provided a range of business support to high growth companies - at both private and public - and even taught about finance, the markets ecosystem, and its drivers (Columbia).

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