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In recent 12 years, I’ve been the CTO of Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Israel and CTO of the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University. I consult the top management of different large enterprises on corporate transformation, innovation and data driven strategies. I co-founded multiple startups in different domains. My main areas of interest are in AI, Cyber Security, Big Data, IoT, Fintech, Blockchain and Telecommunications. I co-published over 50 patents and research papers, mostly with other highly talented colleagues. I occasionally write on my blog and in different media outlets. I also speak in public events on various topics. I love technology and fascinated by its impact on our life.

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May 17, 2018
Replying to Leslie Brissett

The impact of the AI seems to be that the humans who create them, seem to not wish to face the "dark side" of being human. Our capacity to hate and destroy if not acknowledged will manifest in surprising ways. If the role of quantum entanglements are to be believed, simply the idea of a thing creates the thing. We need to support those developing AI and the codes to work on their on psyche so that it is not projected out into the technology they develop.

As Einstein is quoted as saying, " An idea never leaves its source"

Thanks for the comment Leslie. Indeed people create the technology and I think inevitably project themselves into their creations which most of the times serves as the source of value while on the flip side can be abused for harm doing.

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