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Antonis Triantafyllakis

Soft Skills Trainer, myTrainer
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About Antonis Triantafyllakis

Born in Greece, but now a citizen of the world, Antonis has developed most of his skills through more than a decade of volunteering in youth work (particularly praising his involvement in AEGEE, one of Europe’s largest student organisations striving for a borderless Europe) and has now taken the next step of taking them to a professional level as a soft skills trainer. With a rich background that combines youth work with stage performance and IT, Antonis is ready to take global oriented companies and individuals to their peak performance, equipping them with the skills necessary to tackle the 21st century's challenges, such as working in a multicultural environment, shaping inclusive policies, tapping on intrinsic motivation and developing critical thinking in the digital world. With a unique, creative approach to gamification and an intriguing sense of humour, an engaging and immersive atmosphere in training is guaranteed!