Herman de Leeuw

Expert on Loan, UNESCO
  • Netherlands

About Herman de Leeuw

I am an international networker and convener, having brought together key players from around the world on the issues of digital credentialing and recognition at the annual Groningen Declaration Network meeting after having spent close to 20 years in the field of recognition of qualifications. I am now bringing in my expertise as expert on loan to UNESCO's directorate for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems.

A linguist by nature and training, I master Dutch, English, French and German and can passively read and understand Arabic and Italian read Spanish to a certain degree and have some basic knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia, Hebrew and Russian.

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Sep 26, 2023

Fully subscribe to the health benefits of cycling. I just wonder whether there is any research on the benefits of changing traffic priority rules and on diversification of maximum speed in cities and whether these help peopel to adopt cycling.  In the Netherlands, for instance, cyclists were long considered "slow traffic" which meant that cyclists always had to yield way to "fast traffic" (cars, vans, motorcycles) when finding one another on "equal tracks". Some time ago, this changed in cities. Cyclists are now considered equal to "fast traffic", meaning that cars that come from the left (in the Netherlands) have to give way to cyclists. In addition, maximum speeds inside cities nowadays may vary from 30 kilometres per hour to 50 kilometers per hour, with the 30 km/ph mostly found in pedestrian areas that still allow cars, or in back alleys and quieter streets in living quarters.