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Dr Richard Carter is an organisation psychologist, leadership development consultant and coach/facilitator who has worked as an executive and business school academic for over 25 years. Switch Education for Business was created to support middle to senior management as they adapt to new ways of leading and managing in their quest to meet the challenge of disruption in today's world. Switch focuses on building effective leaders, effective managers and effective teams. Switch provides behavioral-led leadership assessment and immersion, and offers globally accredited leadership programmes supported by a unique video-centric, knowledge-sharing platform to spark expert communication and engagement, empower employees, improve management capability and build confident and competent leaders.

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Apr 01, 2020

Andreas, fascinating insights into the challenges of helping teachers and school leaders become 21st-century professionals rather than remaining stuck in their traditional roles within the industrial school system that the vast majority of educational systems still find themselves.

I completely agree that the heart of learning is not technology but pedagogy and people. The problem we now face is that everyone is being asked to move their classrooms online (a technological approach) and doesn't address the underpinning pedagogical challenge (a people approach). Empowered teachers and school principals are sorely needed and while we can grant them the "relational" empowerment - autonomy to make decisions and innovate, what's missing is "motivational" empowerment which in turn relies on boosting the self-efficacy beliefs of teachers and school leaders to support them change their behavior.

We need to develop a new paradigm for teaching in the 21st century that couples digital technology with pedagogy that is based on social cognitive theory principles and practices. As you point out, teachers cannot become master chefs without first learning how to cook which is where boosting teachers and school leaders self-efficacy beliefs through personal mastery, vicarious learning and feedback/coaching is crucial for them to learn and become master facilitators rather than simple deliverers of knowledge and expert collaborators instead of remaining isolated in their classrooms.

Helping educate the educators on how to change their behavior and then support them on their journey to become 21st-century educational professionals is the key to creating a modern and robust global education system.


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