Andreas Schleicher

Director, Education and Skills, OECD

Student, National Chengchi University

Ricardo Sánchez Torres

Project Assistant, OECD

Communications and digital media specialist, with experience working in concrete projects within Trade, Public Governance, Development and Education sectors. Significant experience in intergovernmental organisations, web and event management. Collaborative team player in multicultural environments and creative problem-solver with strong research, organisation and networking skills. Strong passion for transnational citizenship, globalisation and the sustainable development goals.
Bobby Budiarto

Program Manager, Triputra Edukasi Nusantara

linda fulponi

adjunct professor, Parami university

Nadia Jahan

Assistant Professor, NUST

Career guidance educator and practitioner

Lul Admasachew

Retired academic , Higher Education Excellence


I was a UK based academic for a decade, and this was followed by a decade of advocacy and practice to bring about pension reform in the sector. I hereby joint the forum of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in order to influence the impact  Pension Reform that the organisation has produced in February 2022. Given the fact that this is the United Nations Decade of Action for Sustainable Development Goal, impact has to be measured through change in n Organisation Behaviour. I hope to leave my mark on welfarism, earn as you contribite to knowledge and transform the UK academia pension policy by demystifying, decolonising and democratizing. This includes engagement in multistakeholder forums such as this one, by upholding cultural psychiatry and the Organisation Behaviour  of the Ivory Tower with shared leadership for people of colour. 

Sincerely, Lul Admasachew 

consultant, Agency for strategic planning and reforms

Andreas Cebulla

Associate Professor - Future of Work in the Digital Age, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University of South Australia

Eka Prastama

Commissioner, The Indonesian National Commission for Disability

Ana Isabel Cano Cifuentes

Especialista de Educación, RET International

Sherian pietsch

Military, us militar

Fabio Nascimbeni

Human Capital Development Expert, European Training Foundation

Rakhi Mehra

Social Entrepreneur I Ready for New Challenge, MHS GLOBAL IMPACT

Dr Mohamed Eltawabty

Member of the official youth department , YOUNGO UNFCCC And The UN1FY TeamYour

Dr Mohamed Eltawabty 


The UN1FY TeamYour 

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Hello, we present to you the most prominent effective figures in sustainable development from the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Sabry Al-Tawabti, Vice Chairman of the Planning and Development Committee of the Egyptian National Council. Dr. Mohamed Al-Tawabti participated in youth forums and international, Arab and local meetings and obtained several memberships, most notably: Active participation in the high-level political forum on sustainable development at the United Nations. He is also a member of the United Nations Youth for Sustainable Development Vision 2030, and he is the first Egyptian researcher to receive membership in the researchers group of the World Academy for Research,
He is also a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, a membership in the Stockholm +50 International Youth Conference, a membership in the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit for 2022, and a co-member of the first climate weeks in the Middle East and also in the Latin American region July 2022, It has also received membership in the UN Secretary-General's Climate Initiative, a member of the Marine Litter and Digital Plastic Pollution Platform and a member of the Working Group on Transforming Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development.
He is a prominent member of the European Union Youth Ambassadors for the Climate Pact, a member of the OECD Forum Network, an active member of the Arab Youth in the Sustainable Development Department of the League of Arab States, and one of the most active members of the Board of Trustees of the Million Youth Volunteer Initiative for Climate Adaptation, as well as a member of the Poverty Index design cycle group Multi-dimensionality to enrich the sustainable development goals of the United Nations organizations concerned in partnership with Oxford University. He is a participating member of the United Nations Green Forum and a participant in the meetings of the institutions of the Islamic Development Bank in Sharm El Sheikh 2022. He is also a participant in the African Development Bank meetings 2022 and an associate member of the Qatar Economic Forum 2022.

He had a distinguished presence in the international meeting held by the United Nations General Assembly for a healthy green planet, and participated in the Global Week of Action to Combat Desertification. Thank you

Cameron Smith

CEO and Founder, Bennett Day School

Fatih Yilmaz

Director of Partnerships & Projects, Beyond the Horizon ISSG

Fatih Yilmaz is the director of partnerships & projects, project manager, and  research fellow at Beyond the Horizon ISSG. His focus areas are migration & integration, diversity & inclusion and peace & security. He has been involved in several EU projects with leading roles including All-in-one 4HER,  ORIENT8 and Supermentor. He currently focuses in immunisation against dis/misinformation against migration at Immune2Infodemic project. 


Learning Support Coordinator, Taitoko School

Dr. Imme Gerke

Government and Industry Advisor,