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B. Yerram Raju

Director, Telangana Industrial Health Clinic Ltd

 Bio brief

Prime interests: Agriculture, SMEs, Banking and Finance, Corporate Governance, Environment and Social Development 

Academic and Professional Career:

YERRAM RAJU B is a PhD (1984) in Commerce and Management Studies from Andhra University and a Post-graduate in Economics (1962) from Sri Venkateshwara University. After a couple of years of corporate experience in textile industry, he joined the State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer (1966) where he took retirement in 1994 as Assistant General Manager. He joined Administrative Staff College of India (1994) where he retired in 2001 as Dean of Studies. He went on deputation to the LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie during 1990,1991, as Professor and Head, Economics Department. He was Head of Institute of Public Enterprise, 1999 on deputation from ASCI and was also the Director, Indian Institute of Economics, and Editor, Asian Economic Review in 2005-06. He was Regional Director, Professional Risk Managers’ International Association, Wilmington (De), Hyderabad Chapter from 2006-13.

Dr. Raju was short term consultant on Agriculture, SME sector, Governance and Risk Management with several state governments and Union Government, UNIDO, and World Bank during the last twenty years. He is Founder-Director, Telangana Industrial Health Clinic ltd (2017- till now).

Author: He is author of fifteen books, of which, four are on small enterprises, over 2000 articles in popular financial dailies, and twenty-five research papers. He was International Man of the Year from International Biographical Centre, Cambridge,1991-92 and won the Teacher of Teachers’ Award, 2008. 'Roots to Fruits - The Journey of a Development Banker' was his last book. 

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Tatiana Glad

Global Executive Director, Impact Hub

Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist working across sectors and cultures with a focus on impact entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, and the next generation. Tatiana is Global Executive Director of Impact Hub, Board Member on the Sustainability Board University of Amsterdam, and co-founder of social enterprise Waterlution. Tatiana is Canadian, based in Amsterdam.

Dr Mohamed Eltwabty

public relations manager , Crystal Group for International Trade

Dr R S S Nehri

Professor, Sikkim University

Jose Luis Ramon

Diputado , Protectora fuerza política

Diane Pochard

Digital Transformation at UK Department of Health - CAPE Policy Fellow, CSaP, University of Cambridge, UK, UK Department of Health

Diane has nearly 15 years’ experience leading digital initiatives and transformation programmes in the public, private sectors, international and mission-driven organisations.

She is a Digital transformation and organisational agility expert. She is passionate about creating positive social impact through designing, implementing digital strategies, whilst developing and testing system change frameworks that foster the development of sustainable digital capability.

Diane is French and Mexican, she’s started her career as a journalist and European correspondent for the Mexican Association of Journalists. She then joined the Telecommunications industry where she led on the development of innovative digital health experiments and various multi-million pound nation-wide transformational programmes, respectively in France (SFR-Vodafone) and the UK (EE-British Telecom). She enriched her portfolio of experience by transferring her knowledge and expertise from the private sector to International Organisations (World Economic Forum) and NGOs (Ashoka Foundation, British Heart Foundation, Blockchain Climate Institute), whilst fostering public-private-academic collaborations, which she highly values and nurtures. With a similar approach to her work, drawing on academic knowledge and private sector best practices, she is now part of the Digital Strategy and Policy unit at the UK Government Department of Health, where she is responsible for advising on digital transformation and agile capability building strategies across the healthcare system.

Diane has an academic background in Law from Paris II Pantheon ASSAS, a Bachelor in Entrepreneurship (Bsc.) from the Paris Chamber of Commerce Business School, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Paris School of Graduate Management, a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is currently pursuing an Executive Doctorate in Public Affairs (EDPA) with the University Paris Dauphine, and was selected in April 2022 CAPE Policy Fellow with the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Daniela A. Collins

Academic / Mentor / Executive Coach , Higher Education

Future of Work / Remote Working/ Leadership / Learning and Teaching

Kam Sripada

Neuroscientist, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kam Sripada PhD is a neuroscientist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She has studied how social and environmental factors influence child brain development and contribute to global health inequalities.

Learn more about children’s environmental health on Little Things Matter (@littlethingsmtr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). 

Santram Meena

Fellow, Island Innovation

I am a climate policy researcher with an interest in environmental economics and sustainable development. Currently, I am a fellow at a London-based think tank "Island Innovation". Before that, I worked as a guest researcher at IASS Potsdam for a year with an EU project OceanNETs. I have been a part of several UN conferences as well including COP24 by UNFCCC. I also spoke at the IUCN's first-ever Global Youth Summit in April 2021.

Angela M Paulk

Consultant , DGA ltd / Columbia University

Seasoned financial services generalist with global perspective honed over a career focused on developing big picture context, building relationships, and facilitating consensus from grassroots/start-up level to multi-national corporate board level. Range of functional experience includes equity research & macro advisory (Citi), strategy consulting & business intelligence (startups acquired by BCG and S&P), governance and regulatory-driven transformational change (Deutsche Bank), as well as multilateral and civil society engagements. Long-term focus on sustainability and history of broader stakeholder management including externally to regulators, media & institutional investors.

Felix Kalwiba

Provincial director of department of mines , Gouvernement

Nashwan Ahmed

MENA Regional Representative, EvalYouth Global Network

MENA Regional Representative of EvalYouth Global Network | Board Member of EvalMENA | Chair of EvalYemen

Shijian Fan

student, n/a

Alex Fotescu

Researcher, CIVICA European University

Juan Guzman Romana

Director Ejecutivo, Fundación Blas Valera - Peru


Professor , Future university


researcher, ministry of education

David H. Deans

Principal Consultant, GeoActive Group

Technology, Media, Telecom analyst, consultant, columnist - digital multi-platform practitioner - commercial transmedia storyteller @dhdeans

Mirela xhota

National business development manager australia , QuickFee

Md Shahidul Islam

Executive Director , Global Consultant for Research and Innovation (GCRI)