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Nov 17, 2018
Replying to Peter Kraneveld

Excellent article. Well presented, good information. Thank you. As the owner of a medium large web site, my experience is that there is a missed angle, though. In order to get new rules accepted, citizens must realise what the issue is. By and large, my web site members don't. They are not a representative group, but their attitude is mirrored in other anecdotes. "Aw, I can't give up Facebook; I am having too much fun with it; it can't be that bad; anyway, I have nothing to hide". OECD is well placed to support the efforts of its member governments to wake people up to the problem.

Many thanks for your comment Peter. You are absolutely right, much more could be said on the topic but, as the saying goes, “he that too much embraceth, holds little”! Having said this, you do make a very important point. Digital exposure should not be mistaken with digital wisdom, and there is a growing realization that even “digital natives” are often really “digital naive”. Fostering both digital literacy and critical thinking are key areas of work for the OECD, and we very much welcome your support in this regard. In light of your experience as a website owner, how would you go about raising awareness about these issues?