Jorge Moreira da Silva

Director of Development Co-operation, OECD
Juan Guzman Romana

Director Ejecutivo, Fundación Blas Valera - Peru

Carlos Manuel Ramos Saraiva Paz

Policy Officer, Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth

Beena Raju

Head of Commerce Department, DGPS

Shijian Fan

student, n/a



Jacqueline Wood

Team Lead - Senior Civil Society Specialist, OECD Development Co-operation Directorate

Hirona Matayoshi

Professor, Yokohama National University International Strategy Organization

Professor Hirona Matayoshi is a Professor in Applied Linguistics at Yokohama National University. She earned her B.A in Political Science at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT and her M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Education (Applied Linguistics & TESOL) at the Temple University Graduate School (College of Education) in Philadelphia, USA. Professor Hirona Matayoshi is bilingual in English, Japanese, and Semi-lingual in the Okinawan language (designated as an endangered language by the UNESCO since 2009). Prior to joining the faculty at Yokohama National University, she was an Associate Professor at Osaka Seikei University Department of Global Tourism and Business, she was an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Language and Culture at Osaka University, a Lecturer at Rikkyo University and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Professor Matayoshi's research centers around 3 themes: The first theme is based upon Bilingual Education that focuses upon the preservation of indigenous languages and culture. The second theme is Applied Linguistics (Curriculum Development) including governmental policies (OECD) architecturally influencing global education. The third theme is using the first and second themes to examine and assist Intangible Heritage volunteer groups to sustain their cultural heritage (language, art, and architecture) through merging all possibilities to promote and reconstruct.

Dr. Sam Oboche Agbo

Senior Health Adviser, FCDO Nigeria


Lawyer, Ramos Pereira e Sampaio, Sociedade de Advogados, SP RL

Ali Al-khulaifi

president , Gulf Center for Development

Expertise in International relations working for Ministry of Labour in Qatar for 16 years. Worked in Qatar Mission in Geneva following with ILO and IOM. Currently President of the Gulf Center for Development, NGO, in France to follow with International Organizations in Geneva

Ricardo Siffredo

Coordinador Agrario, CETP - UTU

Suman Arvind

Director, Genesis Health

Giovanni Vignato

Instructor, FIDE (World Chess Federation)


Team task Leader, AFD

Seyhan Pullukçu

Tarih Öğretmeni, MEB / Fatih İslam Seçen Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Tarih, İktisat Tarihi ,Avrupa Birliğinin Sosyo Kültürell Yapısı ,