Jacques van den Broek

CEO and Chair of the Executive Board, Randstad
Mathieu Vaassen

CEO, RoomForWork Enterprise BV





The Meaning of Web Accessibility Initiative;

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) defines digital accessibility as the following: “Web accessibility means that people in disability situations can use the Web. More precisely, they can perceive, understand, browse, and interact with the Web, and contribute to the Web. The accessibility of the Web also benefits others, notably the elderly population whose abilities change with age.

Web accessibility includes all disabilities that affect access to the Web including visual, audio, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. Accessibility equally includes people having any problem with computer hardware (very slow speed, old computer, lack of knowledge of the use of computer tools, etc).

The solution is how we bring people with disabilities into contact with employers and thereby improve their quality of life by participating in society with a job or starting a business

RoomForWork Enterprise has a solution to bring people with disabilities into contact with employers through digital accessibility technology where job seekers with disabilities (mentally/physical) can be matched autonomously and intelligently with vacancies/projects or Gigs from clients via AI matching technology

Soon more information about how our project connects to these forgotten people

See my calendar for a date https://meetings-eu1.hubspot.com/meetings/mathieu-vaassen

Mathieu Vaassen CEO RoomForWork Enterprise BV Email: mathieu@roomforwork.com

Dr Mohamed Eltawabty

Member of the official youth department , YOUNGO UNFCCC And The UN1FY TeamYour

Dr Mohamed Eltawabty 


The UN1FY TeamYour 

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Hello, we present to you the most prominent effective figures in sustainable development from the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Sabry Al-Tawabti, Vice Chairman of the Planning and Development Committee of the Egyptian National Council. Dr. Mohamed Al-Tawabti participated in youth forums and international, Arab and local meetings and obtained several memberships, most notably: Active participation in the high-level political forum on sustainable development at the United Nations. He is also a member of the United Nations Youth for Sustainable Development Vision 2030, and he is the first Egyptian researcher to receive membership in the researchers group of the World Academy for Research,
He is also a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, a membership in the Stockholm +50 International Youth Conference, a membership in the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit for 2022, and a co-member of the first climate weeks in the Middle East and also in the Latin American region July 2022, It has also received membership in the UN Secretary-General's Climate Initiative, a member of the Marine Litter and Digital Plastic Pollution Platform and a member of the Working Group on Transforming Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development.
He is a prominent member of the European Union Youth Ambassadors for the Climate Pact, a member of the OECD Forum Network, an active member of the Arab Youth in the Sustainable Development Department of the League of Arab States, and one of the most active members of the Board of Trustees of the Million Youth Volunteer Initiative for Climate Adaptation, as well as a member of the Poverty Index design cycle group Multi-dimensionality to enrich the sustainable development goals of the United Nations organizations concerned in partnership with Oxford University. He is a participating member of the United Nations Green Forum and a participant in the meetings of the institutions of the Islamic Development Bank in Sharm El Sheikh 2022. He is also a participant in the African Development Bank meetings 2022 and an associate member of the Qatar Economic Forum 2022.

He had a distinguished presence in the international meeting held by the United Nations General Assembly for a healthy green planet, and participated in the Global Week of Action to Combat Desertification. Thank you

Sergio Sánchez R.

CEO, STE | Strategy Consulting

Professional with proven experience and applied knowledge in formulation and implementation of business strategy and entrepreneurship. The foregoing is based on experience and cutting-edge knowledge as a business manager with a master's degree in Management & Strategy from the University of Birmingham, England.

I have developed core skills such as strategic thinking, effective communication, leadership and problem-solving with a results-based approach. I am committed to positively influencing the companies and people I interact with, generating growth for them and a massive impact on society. I am driven by actions with purpose.
Professional with proven experience and applied knowledge in formulation and implementation of business strategy, entrepreneurship and project management. The foregoing is based on experience and cutting-edge knowledge as a business manager with a master's degree in Management & Strategy from the University of Birmingham, England. I have developed leadership skills, strategic thinking, problem-solving, results-based approach, agile team management and assertive communication. I am committed to positively influencing the companies and people I interact with, generating growth and impact on society, and driven by actions with purpose.
James Ahern

Managing Partner, Laidlaw & Company

James Ahern serves as managing partner of Laidlaw & Company, and founded Laidlaw Venture Partners. With his vast understanding of capital investing, Ahern helped establish Laidlaw’s significant presence in the healthcare market.

Prior to joining Laidlaw, James served as vice president of Casimir Capital and managing director of Aegis Capital Corp, and gained over 18 years of venture capital, investment banking, and equity capital market experience.  

Notable contributions to Laidlaw’s success include helping provide over $6 billion in capital for Laidlaw Venture Partners’ clients. Ahern has also made strategic connections with a variety of university-owned laboratories in order to advance Laidlaw Venture Partners’ portfolio. Laidlaw Capital Markets’ reputation as a healthcare investment bank can be attributed to his work. 

James' education includes attending both Saint Joseph's College in Main and Assumption University in Massachusetts. He supports his alma mater Northfield Mount Hermon School by serving as a chairman of the schools’ Basketball Academic Center of Excellence.

James Ahern is on the board of directors of Algorithm Sciences, Voltron Therapeutics, PD Theranostics and Aerwave Medical Technologies. He is also a continuous supporter for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of Massachusetts, serving as Vice Chair for their annual golf outing raising $1 million each year for the cause.

MPESSA BAKALA Marceau Lolita


Micheal Majid

Business Consultant, SKY AND SONS LTD

I am Majid Micheal, an entrepreneur and a business consultant, I love to travel and meet new people. A managing director of Sky and Sons Company Ltd, we have being into security management for the past 10 years, I also work as a diplomat.

Wajdi Hamza

Lawyer & Civil Society Activist, Wajdi HAMZA business Lawyer

Paul Kilimi Wanda

Teacher of English language and Literature in English, Holy Cross Lake View SS, Wanyange

Glad to share with you about myself. I am a teacher of English language and Literature in English. I love reading and writing. I also love editing. I passionately love advising the youth/adolescents. 

Although I am not active in the politics of our country, Uganda, I am incessantly disturbed the way local leaders misuse the readily available resources. I imagine they would certainly do better!

My experience as a teacher of English language and Literature in English has exposed me to various young people in our country, Uganda. Whereas some learners could easily conceptualize academic concepts 10 years ago, today majority of the learners exhibit lots of challenges in conceptualizing academic concepts. It is a very disturbing trend! The reason for this mediocrity in learning could be attributed to effects of academics. Most academics in our country, Uganda, are not fairing well. Their socio - economic status in the community is not only wanting but also deplorable, shaming and pitiful. It is a scenario where you find a typical illiterate, doing petty business but far better than an academic with illustrative degree certificates. I believe, this is what is demeaning academics in our society. The young people imagine it is NOT worthy studying.... This is so disturbing.... I do not know what holds for the future.......


Kilimi Wanda Paul




Owner, iLancer

Flavio Salvio

Economist, retired, not working now

  • Business Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Administration
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Global Affairs (Climate Change) & International Relations
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Science & Technology
juan fernando gutierrez

CEO, Corporacion Formados

Juan Guzman Romana

Director Ejecutivo, Fundación Blas Valera - Peru


researcher, ministry of education

Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk

CEO; Med. Doctor (Tropical practice), International Lawyer Environmental Manager, Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, cq. African EPA i.s.n

Bio of the founder of Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, c.q. Pan-African Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk, a Dutch medical doctor, emigrated to Ghana in 1999:

Credentials: CEO, Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, c.q African EPA, i.s.n.; Physician Tropical Medicine (MD); International Lawyer (International Organizations) (LLM); Environmental Manager (MBA);

Work-history: CEO C.A.I.P., c.q African EPA, i.s.n. 6 yrs; S.M.O. Ghanaian Reg. Hospital 13 yrs; Medical civil Doctor Dutch Military Forces, 18 yrs;

Contact: ceo.cross.africa@gmail.com; P.O. Box TD 1415 Takoradi / Sekondi, Ghana;

<a href="https://irrigateafrica.link">Ultimate Topics Page Irrigateafrica.link Cross-Africa Irrigation Project</a>, 
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/not-to-trust-chinese-government-actions…">Not to trust Chinese Government Actions: neither on African Continent</a>, 
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/minamata-convention-on-mercury-emission…">Minamata Convention on Mercury Emissions Number 1</a>, <a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/heavy-metal-poisoning-icd-10-ultimate-number-1">Heavy Metal poisoning icd 10 ultimate number 1<a>
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/ultimate-africas-comprehensive-irrigation-issue-number-1/">Ultimate Africa's Comprehensive Irrigation Issue Number 1<a>
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/usa-president-suspect-for-genocide-treason/">USA President suspect for Genocide & Treason!</a> 

Harris Eyre

Co-lead, OECD-PRODEO Institute Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative

Bradley Schurman

Founder and Author, The Super Age

Bradley Schurman is Founder and CEO of The Super Age – a global strategic research and advisory firm helping public and private organizations understand the challenges and harness the opportunities of demographic change, with a focus on population aging. The Super Age works to ensure that these subjects are considered across organizational strategies from human resources, marketing and communication, public policies, and product and service design. Schurman is also the author of the forthcoming book, The Super Age: How Longer Lifespans Are Changing Everything We Know About Work, Life and Learning, which will examine how this shift is driving social and economic change around the world. It will be published by HarperCollins. Prior to launching his company and authoring the book, Schurman was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EconomyFour, where he led business development in Asia and Europe. He also served at AARP – the world’s largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of older people – where he was Director of Global Partnerships and Engagements. Schurman was instrumental in securing the topics of aging and longevity as focus areas at both the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and World Economic Forum (WEF). He was also responsible for visioning and executing the Aging Readiness and Competitiveness Report – a groundbreaking collaborative research project between AARP and Foreign Policy Group. Schurman has been featured on NBC's TODAY Show and quoted in the New York Times, HuffingtonPost, and USA Today, as well as in local and national media outlets around the world. He speaks regularly at thought leader forums, and has advised national governments and major businesses on their longevity strategies.



HH Datu Pradeep Sapkota

Director, SUNWay Research and Innovation Center

Youth Activist / Global Leader / Global Youth Ambassador / Peace and Humanitarian Ambassador / Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors

On 23rd March ,2018 Pradeep Sapkota was adopted as a noble son of The Royal House of Baloi , Mindanao, Philippines by it's Rajah Mandadore , His Royal Highness Tuanku Dr. Datu Camad Mangotara Ali. On 17th March, 2019 "The Royal House of Baloi"- granted and conferred noble status with the rank of Datu Prince and vested as a Honorary Cultural Ambassador to Nepal".

He is Datu(Prince) at The Royal House of Baloi and The Royal Chivalric Order of Baloi , Youth Activist / Global Leader / Global Youth Ambassador / Founder/President of Change Nepalese Mission Organization and SUNWay Research and Innovation Center.

Mission : "Change Negative Norms and Values From Society To Create Sustainable Development".

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), ICT Training, and Social Media . Strong Social Entrepreneur business development professional with a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Application and Masters in Business Administration.

He had visited more than 30 districts of Nepal along with other countries like India, Bangladesh, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France , Italy ,Philippines ,East Africa (Rwanda , Uganda, Kenya) .


Developer, WordPress Development Company

Digital Marketer @Fortunesoft, a leading ICO development company, holds expertise in building swift, secure, and extremely stable websites that help you to raise funds. We offer quick and reliable ICO solutions that help you to launch your ICO successfully and raise crowdfunding.