Colm Harmon

Vice Principal (Students) and Professor of Applied Economics, University of Edinburgh
Ashish Upadhyay

Academic Associate, CEPT University

Public Health, Health System Research,Geographic Information System, Earth Science, Climate Change, Data Science
Mr. Elhedery Georges

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Mr. Elhedery Georges

Sovandara Hean

Executive Director , Tekdeysovanphum (TDSP)

I'm super happy to go along with this significant Network.

lecturing and researching , KUMASI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY

Oyigoga Onuh

Chief Education Officer, Benue State Teaching Service Board

Certified Science Teacher / School Leader / Sustainability Advocate

Areas of interest includes plant science, science laboratory management, transformative education, education policy reforms and sustainable development; Demonstrated experience  in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Global Citizenship Education (GCED), and Climate Change Education (CCE)

Cynthia Mughogho

Program Manager, IM Swedish Development Partner

Martin Dusolo

Barrister, , Lawyer&Law Firm

Matias Herrera Caceres

Ingeniero de Sistemas-Educador, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander

Sherian pietsch

Military, us militar

Greg Williams

Financial Consultant, Loxford Credit & Alliance UK

Yousuf Ibnul Hasan

Program Consultant Islamic Banking & Applied Finance , Crises Management Services

I was born into a family of scholars, writers and intellects, who have outstanding contributions and achievements in their profession. My academic and corporate experience is now 44 years as a result-oriented professional. With the blessings of Almighty Allah, I am a globally distinguished scholar and a facilitator, educationist, teacher, trainer, broadcaster and columnist. I served National Airlines is where I started off my journey. Later accumulated immense Islamic finance expertise and experience, both as a banker and as a consultant, from renowned financial institutions, evolving my exposure and skills to develop and deliver training programs in the field of Islamic Banking, Finance, Economics, Commercial Banking Management and Media Law. With my experience in teaching, training and Academia Management, I contributed to Curriculum Designing, its Standardization, University Policies, Procedures, Code of Conduct, Regulatory Affairs, International Relations, Student Affairs, Counseling, Event Management and Training.  I have spoken to over 7,000 professionals, 50,000 apprentices and 600 Religious Scholars including around 3,000 non-Muslims in 23 countries within 38 years. I pride myself on being the significant key to success for countless Financial Projects. I trained a number of educationists, in Islamic economics and finance’, who are now servicing the case in their own fields. During 44 years, I received numerous awards and recommendations on my professional services, abilities and performance.
Esther Adot

Project Manager - Quality Assurance, AQU Catalunya


학생, 대경대학교

간호,SGDs,정부,코로나19 바이러스, NGO등이 나타나게 할 수 있는 커뮤니티가 있습니다~!^^

Juan Guzman Romana

General Manager, Fundación Blas Valera Peru

Dr Mohamed Eltawabty

Member of the official youth department , YOUNGO UNFCCC And The UN1FY TeamYour

Dr Mohamed Eltawabty 


The UN1FY TeamYour 

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Hello, we present to you the most prominent effective figures in sustainable development from the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Sabry Al-Tawabti, Vice Chairman of the Planning and Development Committee of the Egyptian National Council. Dr. Mohamed Al-Tawabti participated in youth forums and international, Arab and local meetings and obtained several memberships, most notably: Active participation in the high-level political forum on sustainable development at the United Nations. He is also a member of the United Nations Youth for Sustainable Development Vision 2030, and he is the first Egyptian researcher to receive membership in the researchers group of the World Academy for Research,
He is also a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, a membership in the Stockholm +50 International Youth Conference, a membership in the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit for 2022, and a co-member of the first climate weeks in the Middle East and also in the Latin American region July 2022, It has also received membership in the UN Secretary-General's Climate Initiative, a member of the Marine Litter and Digital Plastic Pollution Platform and a member of the Working Group on Transforming Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development.
He is a prominent member of the European Union Youth Ambassadors for the Climate Pact, a member of the OECD Forum Network, an active member of the Arab Youth in the Sustainable Development Department of the League of Arab States, and one of the most active members of the Board of Trustees of the Million Youth Volunteer Initiative for Climate Adaptation, as well as a member of the Poverty Index design cycle group Multi-dimensionality to enrich the sustainable development goals of the United Nations organizations concerned in partnership with Oxford University. He is a participating member of the United Nations Green Forum and a participant in the meetings of the institutions of the Islamic Development Bank in Sharm El Sheikh 2022. He is also a participant in the African Development Bank meetings 2022 and an associate member of the Qatar Economic Forum 2022.

He had a distinguished presence in the international meeting held by the United Nations General Assembly for a healthy green planet, and participated in the Global Week of Action to Combat Desertification. Thank you

Md Shahidul Islam

Executive Director , Global Consultant for Research and Innovation (GCRI)

Dr R S S Nehri

Professor, Sikkim University

Dr. Roshan Lal

Professor, Panjab University, Chandigarh

working experience: clinical psychology, social psychology, Child Psychopatology

Ahmed Mouse

Head of Tax Information at IRD Department , Ministry of Finance Development