Bruce Stokes

Director, Pew Research Center

Lawyer, Higher gates attorneys

Giovanni Vignato

Instructor, FIDE (World Chess Federation)


Individual Consultant, Not applicable

Beth Walter Honadle

Member, Board of Directors, Cornell Cooperative Extension|Steuben County (volunteer leadership position), National Institute of Food & Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture (retired)

Research, writing, advising, and evaluating on a wide range of public policies and programs. • worked in the areas of social policy, particularly rural, urban, and metropolitan economic and community development, workforce development, housing, and public finance. portfolio at NIFA focused on farm business management benchmarking, risk management education, Small Business Innovation Research, and financial literacy and education ( represented USDA on the Financial Literacy and Education Commission. • In the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service was an Economist and Project Leader for the Organization, Delivery, and Finance of Local Government Services. served as National Program Leader for Economic Development for the nationwide Cooperative Extension System. At the University of Minnesota was Program Leader for Community and Economic Development and Professor of Applied Economics. was Director of the Center for Policy Analysis & Public Service and Professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University. At the University of Cincinnati was Director of the Institute for Policy Research, Professor of Political Science, and Professor of Planning. have done consulting domestically for such clients as the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration, the Ford Foundation, and Pickerington Local Schools (Ohio) and internationally in Egypt and Ukraine. have been Principal Investigator on numerous funded research projects for such agencies as the Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Workforce One Investment Board of Southwest Ohio, and The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development. • have been a consultant to the Ford Foundation, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Future University in Egypt, Betterment Organization of Mansfield, Pickerington Local School District, and more.

Deputy Secretary, Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh

Silton José Ramos

Estudante, sjr8sjr

Rodrigo Dal Borgo

Assistant Researcher, University of Deusto - Centre for Applied Ethics

Marcel Lesik

Editor, Puls Biznesu

Economy, UK and US politics, geopolitics
Dan Morrison

Vice President, Global Communications, Pew Research Center

A former Pulitzer-prize nominee who has made his career at the nexus of media, international affairs, government and technology. I've worked in New York, Washington, Brussels and Paris for the combination of Bloomberg, IBM, the U.S. State Department and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). A former speechwriter for U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell. I've advised U.S. and Japanese companies on European Union Affairs in Brussels and the following organizations, among others, in the United States: the IMF, Yahoo!, McKinsey, Deloitte, the Nuclear Energy Institute and the Special Court for Sierra Leone that successfully prosecuted former Liberian President, Charles Taylor. Delivered a TEDx talk in Paris (Topic: objective, comparative data = fewer economically confused citizens = less social tribalism = better democracy)
Jenefer Thoroughgood

Managing Director, Thoroughly Good Consulting

For nearly 20 years, I've worked in the digital media sector, with hands-on experience in editorial, marketing, sales and R&D. I'm passionate about engaging and understanding customers to develop great content and products. Formerly Chief Product & Customer Officer at Zapnito, I'm now an advisor to the company.
Bernadett Lauko

Politico Pro -- All tweets posted here represent my personal views. ---

Anthony Gooch

Director, OECD Forum, OECD