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Anthony Gooch

Director, OECD Forum, OECD
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Baiju Khanchandani

Principle, Chiropratica SBT

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Gal Zohar

Founder and Owner, Zohar Counselling, R&D

Labour Market; Governance; International political economy; International organizations; Social return on investments (SROI); Activation; OECD; Local employment and economic development; retention and advancement program
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David Jo Konstantin Tofan

Digital Consultant, Lunalabs

David holds an MBA and a Global Bachelor's Degree in International Relations. As a self-proclaimed world-citizen, he is interested in sustainable development, quality education, digitalization, public-private-partnerships, institutional relations, diplomacy, and global networking.
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Jonathan Aronson

Professor, University of Southern California

Professor at Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and School of International Relations, University of Southern California My new book, with Peter Cowhey, Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance (Oxford, 2017)
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James Connell

Founder , Bogert-Magnier Communications

Communications consultant with 25 years experience in various editing roles at The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune
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Simon White

Managing Director, Publicus Pty. Ltd.

Dr Simon White is an independent policy advisor who helps national, regional and city governments, business organisations and development agencies formulate and implement strategies for economic growth, business development and job creation. He has provided these services in over 30 countries across Africa and Asia, as well as in Australia and parts of Europe and the Pacific. He has also undertaken a variety of academic teaching, curriculum design, training, and research assignments.
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Victoria Abdo

other, Vicky

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Wanda Barquin

Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Magnificat Partnerships

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Alfonso Giuliano Navarro Carvallo

CEO, Consultoria Empresarial ELITE

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Rajiv Kumar

Doctoral Scholar , Central university of Gujarat

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Dudu Mimran

CTO, Telekom Innovation Laboratories Israel

In recent 12 years, I’ve been the CTO of Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Israel and CTO of the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University. I consult the top management of different large enterprises on corporate transformation, innovation and data driven strategies. I co-founded multiple startups in different domains. My main areas of interest are in AI, Cyber Security, Big Data, IoT, Fintech, Blockchain and Telecommunications. I co-published over 50 patents and research papers, mostly with other highly talented colleagues. I occasionally write on my blog and in different media outlets. I also speak in public events on various topics. I love technology and fascinated by its impact on our life.
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Ricardo Sánchez Torres

Communications & International Relations Specialist, OECD

Communications and digital media specialist, with experience working in concrete projects within Trade, Public Governance, Development and Education sectors. Significant experience in intergovernmental organisations, web and event management. Collaborative team player in multicultural environments and creative problem-solver with strong research, organisation and networking skills. Strong passion for transnational citizenship, globalisation and the sustainable development goals.
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Luiza Hoxhaj

Executive Director , Centre for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development-CRLDS Albania

Expert Consultant in technical assistance activities for planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects for regional and local development, characterized by practical objectives and sectoral integration, the advanced processes of inter-institutional cooperation, the mobilization of territorial development actors , by means of building partnerships, the initiation Developed activities mainly include: -Consultation of local actors, stage design and evaluation of strategic plans for territorial development in the field of projects co-financed by the EU.-Evaluation of the respective Strategic Plans socio-economic development, through analysis multi-criterly, hierarchy of objectives, actions and programs, identifying strategic priority interventions, identification of impact indicators; -Evaluation of the compatibility of the proposed intervention in Area Strategic Plans wide under different axes of intervention; - Developing, in the territory of the District, the Integrated Development Plans in the field of Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Cultural, Environment and Ecology, new procedures and models for local governance.
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Christophe Ralle

Consultant - Managing Partner, Ysthad

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J.D. Taylor

Writer and researcher, Author of Island Story

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Anthony Zacharzewski

President, The Democratic Society

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Karine Kaniki

Regional Partner Account Manager at Microsoft, Microsoft

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Naja Bentzen

Policy analyst, European Parliamentary Research Service

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Beatrice TARDIEU

Senior Director-EMEA Public Affairs and Health Policy Center, Johnson & Johnson

Dr in Pharmacy, ESSEC MBA, 32 years in Healthcare Business, Communications and Public Affairs
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Balázs Gyimesi

Assistant Editor, OECD