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Anthony Gooch

Director, OECD Forum, OECD
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Co-founder, ZOLAPRODZ

International Project Manager & Self-employed Consultant specialised in bespoke market research and business events management from content curation to on-site management, I am currently based in Malta, working in collaboration with CountryProfiler Ltd on media publications, while developing new projects as Co-Founder of ZOLA PRODZ. A strategic thinker with strong analytical skills, with particular interests in sustainable business models and CSR, digital innovation and entrepreneurship as well as human rights, social and environmental issues. Graduated from ESC Rennes School of Business with a MSc in Sustainable Management and Eco-Innovation under a partnership programme with EME - Environmental Engineering School; I have a particular interest in fast growing markets/ tech-oriented / disruptive / sustainable and ethical business models. Throughout the years, I developed multi-tasking skills as an international project manager in addition to a strong commercial acumen thanks to various experience in event content production and management, marketing strategy & research, as well as extensive experience in business development, sales management and general strategic corporate development. Able to adapt and embrace multi-cultural working environments, I had the chance to benefit from various exposure to cultural diversity through education programs and professional experiences in USA, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Lebanon, and perform best in international business environments. Through ZOLA Productions, we are applying sustainability principles to the event industry by developing purposeful actions creating positive impact for the people and the planet.
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Sophie Bailey

Founder, The Edtech Podcast

Sophie is the founder of the iTunes new and noteworthy, The Edtech Podcast. The mission of The Edtech Podcast is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation, through storytelling. The podcast is downloaded 1500+ times a week, from up to 109 countries with the UK, US & Aus in the top 3. Sophie is a mentor and advisor within the edtech community, and is particularly passionate about female entrepreneurship.
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Dr Vyacheslav Polonski

Researcher, University of Oxford

Vyacheslav Polonski is a researcher at the University of Oxford, focusing on complex social networks, collective behaviour and technology adoption. He is the founder and CEO of Avantgarde Analytics, a machine learning startup that harnesses AI & behavioural psychology for the next generation of algorithmic campaigns. In 2017, Vyacheslav completed his PhD studies at the University of Oxford as an ESRC Scholar. Prior to his PhD, Vyacheslav completed an MSc in the Social Sciences of the Internet at the Oxford Internet Institute and a BSc in Management at LSE. Vyacheslav is an active member of the World Economic Forum having participated in multiple conferences as a Global Shaper (2015, 2016, 2017) and member of the WEF Expert Network (2017). In 2018, Forbes Magazine featured him in the European Forbes 30 Under 30 list for law and policy. His research and commentary have been highlighted in the media, including in The Independent, Forbes, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Scientific American and The New York Times.
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Kilian Fisher

International public policy advisor , IHRSA

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Josefina Gimenez

Founder, Public Impact Perspectives

Policy evaluation and analysis. Public sector reform and modernisation, digital transformation.
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Angelo Martelli

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, LSE

Postdoctoral Research Fellow @LSEEI | Consultant Jobs Group @WorldBank | #PoliticalEconomy #LabourMarkets #Migration
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Eti Rosenberg

Chief executive nurse head of policy department, Clalit health services

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Dipika Rathod

Founder CEO, Capital Employed Consuting Ltd

Founder of Human Capital business since 2003. Advocate of Start-Ups and SMEs worldwide; driving economic growth, diversity, opportunity, empowerment and innovation. The essential roadmap for today's agile global business. Collaborative Executive and Business Partner to Management Teams, Investors, ExCo, Top Team and Board Level Teams. Director with over 20+ years global, strategic, commercial and grassroots tactical Human Resources experience gained in-house, Big4 client facing advisory roles and last 12 years via own SME. Specialising in organisation effectiveness, total compensation, performance and sales target operating models. I work as an advisor / interim, mainly with global clients enjoying business growth or business transformational change and focus on creating meaningful line of sight and impact between business plans and people strategies. Aim to co-create and embed reward frameworks that improve organisation effectiveness and galvanise alignment between corporate and individual performance resulting in collaborative recognition. Expertise: Total compensation / remuneration, performance management, organisation design, organisation effectiveness, M&A, business transformation programmes, organisational change targeting business innovation, growth, capability and development Specialities: Business aligned HR strategy, compensation strategy, performance management systems , total compensation design, incentive design, sales incentive design, benefits design, talent management and retention, workforce planning, organisation design including job evaluation, turnaround improvement programmes, redundancy, rationalisation, re-organisation or restructure programmes and TUPE
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Jayadev Raju

Research Scientist, Health Canada

Food Toxicology/Nutrition and Cancer
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Sheriffsam Mwendwa

Deputy Director Legal Services, Parliament of Kenya

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Samson Fashola

Erasmus Mundus Scholar, Autonomous University of Barcelona

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Victor Junior Godinez V.

Graduate Student / Analyst, None

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Baiju Khanchandani

Principle, Chiropratica SBT

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Gal Zohar

Founder and Owner, Zohar Counselling, R&D

Labour Market; Governance; International political economy; International organizations; Social return on investments (SROI); Activation; OECD; Local employment and economic development; retention and advancement program
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David Jo Konstantin Tofan

Digital Consultant, Lunalabs

David holds an MBA and a Global Bachelor's Degree in International Relations. As a self-proclaimed world-citizen, he is interested in sustainable development, quality education, digitalization, public-private-partnerships, institutional relations, diplomacy, and global networking.
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Jonathan Aronson

Professor, University of Southern California

Professor at Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and School of International Relations, University of Southern California My new book, with Peter Cowhey, Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance (Oxford, 2017)
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James Connell

Founder , Bogert-Magnier Communications

Communications consultant with 25 years experience in various editing roles at The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune
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Simon White

Managing Director, Publicus Pty. Ltd.

Dr Simon White is an independent policy advisor who helps national, regional and city governments, business organisations and development agencies formulate and implement strategies for economic growth, business development and job creation. He has provided these services in over 30 countries across Africa and Asia, as well as in Australia and parts of Europe and the Pacific. He has also undertaken a variety of academic teaching, curriculum design, training, and research assignments.
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Victoria Abdo

other, Vicky

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Wanda Barquin

Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Magnificat Partnerships