Anthony Gooch

Director, OECD Forum, OECD
  • France
‪Chaim Oren‬‏

Managing Director, Oren group

Chaim Oren is a wellbeing expert. He writes and lectures about wellbeing. He is also a Brand Ambassador for Hintsa Performance- a global leader in wellbeing and human performance. Chaim is an accomplished international marketer in the USA and Europe.  Having started his career at the New York office of Young & Rubicam, he later co-founded Zoëtics Inc., a Manhattan-based strategic marketing consulting firm where he advised Fortune500 companies. After returning to Israel, he held senior strategic marketing positions at Tel Aviv office of McCann- an American global advertising agency, and Ruder Finn, a global public relations agency. He served as the CEO of Tupperware’s Israeli branch (NASDAQ TUPP) and later managed the Israeli office of Jupiter Research (NASDAQ FORR). Most recently he served as the Commercial Representative for the State of Connecticut in Israel, responsible for etsablishing a relationship bewteen the high technology sectors of both countries .

Data Scientist, Dream Launchers

Leslie Brissett

Director: Group Relations Programme, Tavistock Institutute of Human Relations

Advisor on complex systems and the role of unconscious processes in groups, organisations, communities and society. 20+ years of Health systems and Further Education Board level leadership
Sherian pietsch

Military, us militar


학생, 대경대학교

간호,SGDs,정부,코로나19 바이러스, NGO등이 나타나게 할 수 있는 커뮤니티가 있습니다~!^^

Hyejin LEE

Director of BYICAA CSR Research Center , BYICAA CSR Research Center at Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association

Director of  BYICAA CSR Research Center

Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association(BYICAA) 


Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association is a legal association cooperation who is dedicated to promoting international arts and culture exchange, identifying value of arts and culture in different nations, innovating and experiencing contemporary arts and culture.


BYICAA is also a public platform, which is to provide efficient communication and exploration opportunities for the public. It is also to provide service to Chinese domestic Non-Government Groups, in particular to those who have creative and practical abilities. It is, thus, aiming to help to further the growth of an NGO community in China.


The purpose of founding BYICAA is using an artistic approach to actively involving and promoting the growth of civic society during the process of social reform and development.


Our philosophy isExperiencing, Understanding, Communicating and Innovating


BYICAA CSR Research Center

(北京国际文化艺术协会 CSR 究中心)

BYICAA CSR Research Center is an independent research institution of Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association. It is committed to the CSR investigation and tracking of creative culture industry.


BYICAA CSR Research Center will provide consultation and training for Chinese mainland's "Data Sedimentation" and "Data Value" promotion for Overseas Creative SMEs entering the China market.

Jamiela Kasper

Development practitioner, Provincial Government Western Cape

Witness Londiwe Mbatha

Professional Nurse, Retired Nurse

André Amtoft

Founder & CEO, Habeetats

André Amtoft holds a MSc in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen and is a Critical Studies graduate from Malmoe Art Academy. He is the founder and CEO of Habeetats, an interdisciplinary collective that create thematic landscape scale projects and learning environments for monitoring the effects of climate change on pollinator diversity. Building on natural science and architecture Habeetats design and craft research grade nesting shelters for solitary bees from upcycled waste materials. 




International PEACE BROKER + International Lawyer, International

Tala Dowlatshahi

Senior advisor , Independent

Experienced executive leader working with global organizations to support capacity building and advocacy. Lead, community and participatory approaches, risk communication, citizen engagement and responses. Trainer, senior leadership.

Sara Dorato

Communication Consultant, Sara Dorato

I am a Marketing and Communications consultant working in this field since 2012.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, a Master Double Degree in International Marketing Communication and I am graduating in Business Management and Digital Technologies.

I am determined, flexible, open-minded, and eager to learn and improve myself. Having studied and worked in an international environment, I have developed skills in intercultural communication and global challenges in fact-based content dissemination. Understanding, simplifying, and disseminating in a captivating way, are the key skills I have learned from my work experience within the University of Milan and the recent consultant activity for ASEF Public Health network, inspecting crucial and forward-looking topics for our society. I believe new digital technologies are crucial to spread knowledge and build a better future based on the distribution of information.

Andrew Thomas Bosz

Anti-Money Laundering and Global Sanctions Specialist | MAMLCTF, MBA, MPA, CAMS, CAMS-RM, CGSS, FIS, Independent Consultant

Dr. Ibtissame AZZAOUI

PhD, International Consultant & Expert, 88W Consulting

Engineer, PhD, 

International Consultant in Strategic Governance, Public Policies, Digital Transition and Parliamentary affairs.

Former Member of the Moroccan Parliament, City councillor

Candace Bamber

Vice Principal, Waterloo Region District School Board


Professor, Gyeongin National University of Education