Kristin Bodiford

Principal , Community Strengths
  • United States of America
Chris Hoenig

Co-Founder, Citizens Alliance

Chris Hoenig is the Co-Founder of Citizens Alliance, a community fighting to grow the world we want, and avoid the one we fear, one child, one family, one citizen at a time. He is also the CEO of The State of the USA. He is an innovator at the leading edge of 21st century civics, a citizen who lives a life of service, a visionary leader schooled in history, a practical executive with a philosophical perspective, an author with a cause, a poet with passion and a father who knows love is the most powerful force on Earth. He is dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s children and families through collaboration on fundamental innovations in lifelong education, civics and citizenship. Over a 40-year career, his path of service took him from research director to public speaker; private enterprise and government service to civil society; artist to innovator; and from entrepreneurship to leadership at the national and global levels. He founded five institutions in business and civil society and worked at several of the world’s leading organizations, including McKinsey & Co., the U.S. Federal Government, IBM and the National Academy of Sciences. He is the author of The Problem Solving Journey: Your Guide for Making Decisions and Getting Results; The Code: A Good Life as a Global Citizen (forthcoming); The Seed: The Art of Growing Dreams (forthcoming); and The Moment: Citizenship, Civics and Civilization in the 21st Century (forthcoming). He has degrees in history and global affairs from Yale University, Cambridge University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Email: