Sylvie Briand

Director, Infectious Hazards Managment Department, World Health Organization
Efrem Hoffman

CEO, Founder, and Global Economic Strategist, Running Alpha ( Capital Market Intelligence ) Investments Inc.

Serving as CEO and Founder of, and newly created podcast series,, my passion is in Humanizing Digital Transformation for not only Shrinking the Chasm Between the Superstar Mega-Centers and Underutilized Local Communities, but also levering over 20 years of best practices and patented and proprietary innovations in data engineering, for amplifying the value and extending the shelf-life of legacy decision-making technologies. To this end, my thought-leadership focus exploits new use cases of Quantum-Inspired "Bottom-Down" Decision-Making for not only placing a spotlight on the message extraction process but also selecting and sequencing the messenger supply chain for optimal delivery. To learn how you can lever disruptive uncertainty for predicting emergent sentiment trends and creating your unique futures for thriving in today's new global-economic reality, I share actionable insights at the intersection of crowd physics, finance, fintech, digital currency, tokenomics, and blockchain technology, discovered in my two decades of navigating risk in world capital markets. For direct, live access to time-relevant market intelligence, fresh off my trading desk as it happens, on Silver, Gold, Digital Currencies, Life-Changing Breakthrough Biotech, 5G IoT Semiconductor, AgriTech Stocks and their Inter-market bias, enter promo code: RunningAlphaHolidayDiscount2020; expires Jan. 1st, 2021 ) at to claim your savings today.

PRESIDENT, AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers + ALES the European Lean Managers Society

ALES (with AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers) is the EUROPEAN LEAN MANAGERS SOCIETY. It is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 at Brussels where it has been based ever since. ALES is LinkedIn based. ALES is the biggest European non-profit association dealing with Continuous Improvement. Our conferences are FREE-ADMITTANCE ALES is the European platform for Directors, VPs, CEOs and professionals involved in Continuous Improvement projects. Our main goal is the organization of International Conferences, Local Meetings and Workshops on Continuous Improvement.
Giovanni Vignato

Instructor, FIDE (World Chess Federation)

Mohammed Humran

President , The Union Of Arab Academics



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