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I currently am a consultant and coach. I primarily work in Government social services, juvenile justice, and victim services. I am experienced in TQM, BPI, and various flavors of 6Sigma, Lean, and Agile processes. I was originally part of VP Gore's Reinventing Government program.

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Jan 12, 2020

Unfortunately many agencies which are grant funded don't have a mechanism for building in the organization cost of mentoring and knowledge transfer.  The grant pays for X named resources and that's all you get.  When one of those resources leaves it is often several months before a replacement is found and that is after the window for knowledge transfer has closed.  One organization I support has 4 staff assigned.  One just passed away and it will be at least 4 months before a replacement is found.  Another staff member retires in 5 months and still another next year.  Each does a unique job and there is no current mechanism for knowledge transfer.  Trying to change to a matrixed organization that would allow KT is getting a lot of push-back from management because it changes the accounting.


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