Valérie Plante

Mayor, City of Montréal

About Valérie Plante

375 years after its foundation, Montréal has elected its first-ever woman mayor. I will carry out this mandate with pride, dignity and passion. I am committed to ensuring that the decisions made over the course of the next four years will always serve the best interest of the population. I am committed to ensuring that Montréal meets the needs and aspirations of its citizens. I am committed to ensuring that Montréal becomes as appealing as ever for families who wish to make the city their home, for start-ups who wish to grow in the city, as well as for the major corporations who choose to settle in it. As mayor, I aim to build the city of tomorrow together with Montrealers. I am prepared to undertake this new chapter in the history of Montréal and I feel that my fellow citizens are prepared for what is to come. Together, let us create an inspiring, open and diverse city for ourselves. Together, let us make the Montréal of our dreams a reality.

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