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Caitlin Boros

Social Media Assistant, OECD

Aleksandra Sawicka

mkt officer, oecd

Allison Colbert

OECD Health Policy Division, OECD

Amy Plantin

Executive Secretary of the OECD Environment Policy Committee, OECD

Catherine Candea

Deputy Director, Public Affairs and Communications , OECD

Cesar Olvera

Online and Social Media Assistant, OECD

Chloe Licitra

Programme Manager, OECD

Cindy Garcia

Assistant, OECD

Clelia Lopresti-Conin

Events Assistant, OECD

Damien Garnys

Editor, OECD

Carly Avery

Online Communications Officer, OECD

Balázs Gyimesi

Assistant Editor, OECD

Babis Avlakiotis

Intern - Student , OECD