Samuel Bbosa

Development Consultant, Independent/Freelance
  • Independent/Freelance
  • Uganda

About Samuel Bbosa

I am a freelance development consultant with extensive experience in development research in East Africa focusing on rural economy, employment & labour markets, green economy and youth. I am also a trainer at the ILO's African Regional Centre for Labour Administration. I possess an MSc Development Studies from SOAS, University of London and a Bsc Population Studies from Makerere. I am a Mo Ibrahim Fellow of Development and Governance as well as the African Program On Rethinking Development Economics (APORDE).

Recent Comments

Dec 17, 2019

Great vision Anuna! Someone must do something beyond the rhetoric by especially the political class if climate change discourse is to have meaning. It is this strong urge to do something about the situation that 'College-to-Work Africa'  was conceived recently to mobilise youth towards sustainable development and stimulate their interest in green enterpreneurship and related skills - officially to start work early next year in Uganda with plans to spread across the African region, especially sub-Saharan Africa.