Bradley Schurman

Founder and Author, The Super Age

Innovation governance management, FB Inteligência Organizacional

Hy, I help professionals and companies transformation for society 5.0. I colaborate with a Corporate Ecossystem that transform companies from the business model, using gamification method and implementing governance management of innovation focused on the emerging technologies and external forces of the future.
Muhammad Rizwan Khan , PGDIPOL (OXFORD UNIV.)

Associate Partner , AJMS Global Consulting

Hi, I am Rizwan Khan, currently working as Associate Partner for AJMS Global Consulting Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am a forward focused professional with 29 years of experience in managing Compliance, Risk, Audit, Accounting and Operations contributing to the overall organizational development and business excellence. I completed my Master Level Post graduate Diploma from OXFORD University in Organizational leadership. I am also known as international speaker for Compliance & Risk Management and written different articles for AML/CFT compliance. I have been awarded by different international forums by USA, UK, Azerbaijan  and UAE etc. I am also the author of "AML/CFT Compliance Measures" which is read world wide selling book in compliance community. A continuous passion for learning has driven me to accomplish prestigious certifications from Harvard, ICA UK , CFCS USA , CAMS FCI USA, among others. Having conducted Webinars and being a key speaker on various forums has helped me share knowledge with people around the world
Kathryn Maloney

Principal Policy Analyst, New Zealand Aged Care Association



Jonah is a young social entrepreneur, philanthropist, a researcher and a business analyst. He spends most of his time in research and humanitarian work. Jonah first served at Muteesa 1 Royal University (of Buganda Kingdom-Uganda) as an Assistant Lecturer and later joined Ndejje University (Uganda). He is the Founder of Gateway Research Centre Uganda-a think tank for which he is the Managing Director since 2019 to date. His research is evidence-based and aimed at informing policy and contributing to social-economic development.  He sits on Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA SACCO with over 8,000 members where he is the Board Secretary. He envisages a Uganda free from socio-economic development deficiencies.  He is the founder of Tuwangule Women's Forum located at Wakiso Uganda. The forum aims at empowering women to ensure self -sustaining families.  Jonah is also an Evangelist Pastor at Word of Faith Christian Ministries Namagoma-Uganda. 
Aashish Juneja Ph.D

Founder, Success Neurons Pvt Ltd

Peter Guie

Investor, General

Marcos Bravo Catalán

Partner and Academic , BEPS Global Consultores y University of Chile

PhD candidate in Law and Political Science at the University of Barcelona in the BEPS and Transfer Pricing research line. Master in tax Planning and management, Universitiy of Santiago of Chile. Academic at the University of Chile and University of Santiago de Chile. With more than 18 years of experience as an academic and consultant in National-International Taxation and Transfer Pricing. Secretary General of Worldwide Tax Net Ltd., International network of researchers and academics in different countries of the world, with the aim of disseminating International Taxation and Transfer Pricing. Co-Founder Member of Latin American Tax Knowledge, a network of professionals in the public and private sphere. Co-author of the book Transfer Pricing and BEPS in Chile, 2018, Editorial Thomson Reuters, Co-author in COVID-19: Will the measures of the Tax Administrations in Latin America be enough?, 2020, Editorial Errepar version of the Tax Administration of Chile and preliminary effects of the crisis due to COVID-19 on Transfer Pricing. Doctorando en Derecho y Ciencia Política de la Universidad de Barcelona en la linea de investigacion de BEPS y Precios de Transferencia. Académico de la Universidad de Chile y Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Con más de 18 años de experiencia como académico y consultor en Tributación nacional-Internacional y en Precios de Transferencia. Secretario General de Worldwide Tax Net Ltd., red Internacional de investigadores y académcios en diferentes paises del mundo, con el objeto de la difusión sobre la Tributación Internacional y Precios de Transferencia. Miembro Co-Fundador de Conocimientos Tributarios Latinoamericanos, red de profesionales de ámbito público y privado. Co-autor de libro Precios de Transferencia y BEPS en Chile, 2018, Editorial Thomson Reuters, Co-autor en COVID-19: ¿Las medidas de las Administraciones Tributarias en Latinoamérica serán suficientes?, 2020, Editorial Errepar versión de la Administración Tributaria de Chile y efectos preliminares de la crisis por el COVID-19 en Precios de Transferencia.
Prof. Prince Blessing Lawal

Global President, Global Socio-economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN)

Giovanni Vignato

Instructor, FIDE (World Chess Federation)

Robert Longley

Consultant, Robert Longley

I currently am a consultant and coach. I primarily work in Government social services, juvenile justice, and victim services. I am experienced in TQM, BPI, and various flavors of 6Sigma, Lean, and Agile processes. I was originally part of VP Gore's Reinventing Government program.