Michael Hodin

CEO, Global Coalition on Aging
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Student in international relation , Bobo Dioulasso

Etudiant en droit des relations internationales. 

Tous les sujets m'intĂ©ressent. 

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Mohammad Safi Ul Alam

Founder President, Youth Foundation of Bangladesh

Hirona Matayoshi

Professor, Yokohama National University International Strategy Organization

Professor Hirona Matayoshi is a Professor in Applied Linguistics at Yokohama National University. She earned her B.A in Political Science at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT and her M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Education (Applied Linguistics & TESOL) at the Temple University Graduate School (College of Education) in Philadelphia, USA. Professor Hirona Matayoshi is bilingual in English, Japanese, and Semi-lingual in the Okinawan language (designated as an endangered language by the UNESCO since 2009). Prior to joining the faculty at Yokohama National University, she was an Associate Professor at Osaka Seikei University Department of Global Tourism and Business, she was an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Language and Culture at Osaka University, a Lecturer at Rikkyo University and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Professor Matayoshi's research centers around 3 themes: The first theme is based upon Bilingual Education that focuses upon the preservation of indigenous languages and culture. The second theme is Applied Linguistics (Curriculum Development) including governmental policies (OECD) architecturally influencing global education. The third theme is using the first and second themes to examine and assist Intangible Heritage volunteer groups to sustain their cultural heritage (language, art, and architecture) through merging all possibilities to promote and reconstruct.

Santram Meena

Fellow, Island Innovation

I am a climate policy researcher with an interest in environmental economics and sustainable development. Currently, I am a fellow at a London-based think tank "Island Innovation". Before that, I worked as a guest researcher at IASS Potsdam for a year with an EU project OceanNETs. I have been a part of several UN conferences as well including COP24 by UNFCCC. I also spoke at the IUCN's first-ever Global Youth Summit in April 2021.

Micheal Majid

Business Consultant, SKY AND SONS LTD

I am Majid Micheal, an entrepreneur and a business consultant, I love to travel and meet new people. A managing director of Sky and Sons Company Ltd, we have being into security management for the past 10 years, I also work as a diplomat.

Sharon Byrne

President, United Nations Association of Santa Barbara

Wajdi Hamza

Lawyer & Civil Society Activist, Wajdi HAMZA business Lawyer

chukwuebuka Francis okoye

Medical Doctor, Nigerian Air Force Military Hospital

Kathryn Maloney

Principal Policy Analyst, New Zealand Aged Care Association


researcher, ministry of education

Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk

CEO; Med. Doctor (Tropical practice), International Lawyer Environmental Manager, Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, cq. African EPA i.s.n

Bio of the founder of Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, c.q. Pan-African Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk, a Dutch medical doctor, emigrated to Ghana in 1999:

Credentials: CEO, Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, c.q African EPA, i.s.n.; Physician Tropical Medicine (MD); International Lawyer (International Organizations) (LLM); Environmental Manager (MBA);

Work-history: CEO C.A.I.P., c.q African EPA, i.s.n. 6 yrs; S.M.O. Ghanaian Reg. Hospital 13 yrs; Medical civil Doctor Dutch Military Forces, 18 yrs;

Contact: ceo.cross.africa@gmail.com; P.O. Box TD 1415 Takoradi / Sekondi, Ghana;

<a href="https://irrigateafrica.link">Ultimate Topics Page Irrigateafrica.link Cross-Africa Irrigation Project</a>, 
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/not-to-trust-chinese-government-actions
">Not to trust Chinese Government Actions: neither on African Continent</a>, 
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/minamata-convention-on-mercury-emission
">Minamata Convention on Mercury Emissions Number 1</a>, <a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/heavy-metal-poisoning-icd-10-ultimate-number-1">Heavy Metal poisoning icd 10 ultimate number 1<a>
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/ultimate-africas-comprehensive-irrigation-issue-number-1/">Ultimate Africa's Comprehensive Irrigation Issue Number 1<a>
<a href="https://www.irrigateafrica.link/usa-president-suspect-for-genocide-treason/">USA President suspect for Genocide & Treason!</a> 



Juan Guzman Romana

Director Ejecutivo, FundaciĂłn Blas Valera - Peru

Elie AbossÚdé

Consultant international communications et gestion des connaissances, Consultdev international



HH Datu Pradeep Sapkota

Director, SUNWay Research and Innovation Center

Youth Activist / Global Leader / Global Youth Ambassador / Peace and Humanitarian Ambassador / Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors

On 23rd March ,2018 Pradeep Sapkota was adopted as a noble son of The Royal House of Baloi , Mindanao, Philippines by it's Rajah Mandadore , His Royal Highness Tuanku Dr. Datu Camad Mangotara Ali. On 17th March, 2019 "The Royal House of Baloi"- granted and conferred noble status with the rank of Datu Prince and vested as a Honorary Cultural Ambassador to Nepal".

He is Datu(Prince) at The Royal House of Baloi and The Royal Chivalric Order of Baloi , Youth Activist / Global Leader / Global Youth Ambassador / Founder/President of Change Nepalese Mission Organization and SUNWay Research and Innovation Center.

Mission : "Change Negative Norms and Values From Society To Create Sustainable Development".

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), ICT Training, and Social Media . Strong Social Entrepreneur business development professional with a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Application and Masters in Business Administration.

He had visited more than 30 districts of Nepal along with other countries like India, Bangladesh, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France , Italy ,Philippines ,East Africa (Rwanda , Uganda, Kenya) .

Micheal David

Managing Director, A&G Finance Services Ltd

Andrzej Klimczuk

Assistant Professor, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Andrzej Klimczuk, PhD, a sociologist and public policy expert, assistant professor in the Department of Public Policy of the Collegium of Socio-Economics at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. Editor and correspondent of publications about computer and video games in the years 2002-2009. In 2011-2013 Vice President of the Foundation's Laboratory Research and Social Action “SocLab.” External expert of institutions such as the European Commission, URBACT III Programme, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, Fondazione Cariplo, and International Federation on Ageing. Member of various scientific organizations such as the Polish Sociological Association, Polish Society of Gerontology, and European Sociological Association. Author of many scientific papers in the field of gerontology and social policy, e.g., books: “Economic Foundations for Creative Ageing Policy”, the two-volume set, Palgrave Macmillan, New York 2015, 2017; “Generations, Intergenerational Relationships, Generational Policy: A Multilingual Compendium” (co-edited with K. LĂŒscher and M. Sanchez), UniversitĂ€t Konstanz, Konstanz, 17 languages, editions 2015, 2016 and 2017; “Perspectives and Theories of Social Innovation for Ageing Population” (co-edited with Ɓ. Tomczyk), Frontiers Media, Lausanne 2020; “Starzenie się populacji. Aktywizacja, koprodukcja i integracja spoƂeczna osĂłb starszych” [Population Ageing: Activation, Co-Production, and Social Integration of Older People] (co-authored with G. Gawron and Z. Szweda-Lewandowska; Wyd. Uniwersytetu ƚląskiego, Katowice 2021); “The Collaborative Economy in Action: European Perspectives” (co-edited with V. Česnuityte and G. Avram; University of Limerick, Limerick 2021); and “Demographic Analysis: Selected Concepts, Tools, and Applications” (IntechOpen, London 2021). He is a Sections Editor in the “Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging” (Springer Nature, Cham 2021).

ThankGod Nomsonh

Founder and Executive Chair, Iff Chamber

I am the Founder and Executive Chair of Iff Chamber (Intercontinental Food Feature Chamber). It is a diversified non-profit enterprise working to engage, bring attention and partner to demystify the erring and drive positive change to the challenges surrounding the food system of the global society.

It is on the move in demonstrating interconnectedness and  entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standard of diversity, dignity and moral intellectualism in its operation. 

It is however independent, holistic and not tied totally to any special interest because Food is at the center of social-economic and health activities in the global scale.