Ioannis-John-Jean Mourmouris

Professor, Democritus University
  • Greece

About Ioannis-John-Jean Mourmouris

-Professor of Management and Transportation Economics, at the University of “Democritus”, Greece. -Director of MBA Program, at the University of “Democritus”, Greece. -Director of "DM & FA: Decision Making & Financial Analysis" laboratory. -Former Vice Rector of Finance and Administration at the University of “Democritus”, Greece. -Former Vice Rector of Infrastructure and Development, at the University of “Democritus”, Greece. He has worked over the years 1983-87 as a Researcher at INRETS: Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Securité, of France and the Laboratory LAMSADE: Laboratoire d 'Analyse et Modélisation de Systèmes pour l' Aide a la Décision, of the University of Paris-Dauphine. He has a broad experience in several top managerial positions i.e. Vice President, “CITIBANK SHIPPING BANK S.A.” of the CITICORP GROUP (1989 - 1990), C.E.O. of “Hellenic Railways Organization S.A.” (1997-2000) and Member of the Board of the International Transportation Company: “Intercontainer – Interfrigo” S.C., Bruxelles, Belgium (1999 – 2000). He was named Chairman of the “South Eastern European Railways Organisations” (1997-1999), as well as President of the “Transportation Economics and Finance Committee” of the I.U.R.: International Union of Railways (1999-2000) based in Paris - France. From 2002 to 2008 he was Honorary Consul of Venezuela in Piraeus - Greece and President of C.C.G. (Consular Corps in Greece) during 2007-2008. He was awarded for his distinguish work with the Medal of Honour by “FICAC: The World Federation of Consuls” (November 14, 2007). He has been involved in several projects and consultancies worldwide in the following areas of interest: Investment, Development, Strategy, Privatization, Transportation restructuring, Shipping, Railways, Real Estate, Waste Disposal Facilities Location and Evaluation, Multi-criteria Decision Making

Recent Comments

A wonderful article, at the right moment.

Hi Antony,

As always, the OECD FORUME meetings have an “avant garde” approach and vision.

All the previous organizations of the OECD FORUM meetings had a real success putting the problems and the questions of our “fears” for the future.

What is important is that Technology looks like to influence and restructure the society more than the political or ideological movements.

By whom and how technology is guided, changed, evolving and produced seem to be quite fuzzy and have its independent rational.

In this context the roll of the society, ideology and leader is to redefine.

Globalization and digitalization transforming anything faster than a traditional society eventually may digest.

I think that in this OECD FORUM some of these could be topics to examine in depth.

If you think that I can help I am available to contribute.

I am looking forward to meet you at the Forum next May.

All the best,



Dr John C. Mourmouris


Director of MBA program

Director of “Decision Making & Financial Analysis” Laboratory

Dept. of Economics

Democritus University, Greece


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