Asanga U. Ranasinghe

Founder and Executive Director, STAMPEDE
  • Sri Lanka

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Jul 26, 2019

I'm really surprised to hear that people actually think that AI is "...always the case..". That is very disturbing. 

Technology should definitely assist and flourish humanity exactly as the author of this article says. 

Jul 24, 2019

Weapons industry is driven by the military industrial complex. The latest technology is absorbed by them to be used in weapons systems. The marriage of AI/Deep Learning and the Arms Industry is autonomous weapons. Nuclear and Chemical weapons are dangerous and inhumane but, we find them being used in certain wars. Therefore, the use of autonomous weapons will be a nightmare. But, this seems imminent and just a matter of time. Man is trying to conquer the moon and Mars. This will be a good justification for autonomous weapons: to protect humans from unknown enemies. Do we even have laws to prosecute a robot that harms a human back here on earth?

I agree with the closing remarks; deep learning should not be abandoned. Instead, it should be developed and used to benefit humanity.