Karmen Kern Pipan

Secretary, Project manager, Ministry of Public Administration
  • Ministry of Public Administration
  • Slovenia

About Karmen Kern Pipan

Karmen Kern Pipan, Ph.D., started her career in the private sector in the field of informatics and telecommunications and later continued in public administration in different positions in Metrology Institute of Republic Slovenia as quality manager and head of department for quality and business excellence. More than a decade she has been active as EFQM European assessor and certified lecturer. Currently she works as Secretary and Project manager in the Ministry of Public Administration of Republic Slovenia in the IT Directorate. As an expert, she is involved in the field of data management, business intelligence and big data analytics to improve data based decision making in Slovenian public administration. She collaborates a lot with successful companies and international professional sphere to identify good practices in this field. She led an inter-ministerial task force for the preparation of the Public Administration Development Strategy 2015-2020. She has presented several articles in different international conferences and professional sphere (e. g. OECD, WISIS, Data Innovation Summit, Big Data Analysis and Data Mining, High Level Conference on Digital and E-Government, IDC CIO SEE Forum) and published papers in reputed professional and scientific journals.


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