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Oct 10, 2018

I agree with Nicolas. It seems that the education sector, like many large organisations, are too slow to innovate what the learners of today need: learning planning, agile and relevant learning bites (not 3-5 year courses!), cross platform curation and publishing etc. Apart from some few exceptions like IE university, MIT/Presencing Institute, Acumen, IDEO-U and others... I believe the primary, secondary, tertiary education sectors plus corporate and community learning have to merge into one life-long learning experience-journey owned by the citizen from early years onwards... but that demands massive co-creation efforts across entire education "industries", and also different philosophies of education  (e.g. conventional. Steiner, Montessori and the many emerging alternative school models plus complementary providers such as, SoundsTrue etc. ). But do the conventional players and industries have the agility and wholistic vision that is needed? Are they open enough to question their long-held beliefs and values? Do they package just skill development, or can they integrate all that drives a human in their lifelong growth: Purpose(s) and purposeful projects, Passion and fulfilment of their Potential. And in terms of Potential, we consider two axes: vertical: body/physical intelligence, mind/analytical intelligence, hear/emotional-social intelligence, spirit/spiritual intelligence, and horizontal: feminine/yin and masculine/yang capabilities. How can we enable a whole human being to thrive.

What inspires me is my belief that the sum of all capabilities of all global citizens applied passionately to purposeful goals will be leading us collectively towards a globally shared prosperity.

If anyone knows of a wholistic initiative for learning innovation, please let me know or via LinkedIn.


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