Paul Stoffels

M.D.; Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson
Juliana Dal Pino

Senior Manager, External Affairs, Johnson & Johnson

Martin Delahunty

Managing Director, InspiringSTEM Network

Founder & Managing Director, InspiringSTEM. Formerly, Global Director at Springer Nature. Highly experienced scientific technical and medical publisher. Extensive experience of working with international science research organisations, universities and academic researchers working on journals, digital communities and conferences. Proud UK Stem Ambassador. Experienced speaker and presenter. European Irish.
Mirela Gehlen

Biomedical with qualification in Clinical Pathology and Molecular Biology / Master's Degree Ufrgs, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Biomedcal Researcher
Victor Junior Godinez V.

Graduate Student / Analyst, None

Emma Pietrafesa

Public Researcher , INAIL

Researcher and expert in public communication, management and international relations. For over 15 years I have worked in the public research sector with a focus on ICT and social media, the impact of digital on work and lifestyles, gender issues, health and safety at work, cyberbullying, cyberharassment and cybersafety. From 2012 to 2016 I was Head of the Editorial Coordination of the RES PUBLICA academic journal of the LUMSA University of Rome. Lecturer and speaker in conferences and seminars in the field, currently I conduct research on the impact that digital technologies and social media have on health and safety of workers. I' m also author for some online sector magazines such as @TechEconomy, @Ingenium and @Girl Geek Life; I have over 50 publications (articles, essays, monographs) in Italian, French and English, both nationally and internationally, such as Bulli e cyberbulli ora basta! (EPC Editore); ICT e lavoro: nuove prospettive di analisi per la salute e la sicurezza sul lavoro (INAIL); La Rete e il Fattore C: competenze, conoscenze, consapevolezze (Stati generali dell’Innovazione); La Rete e il Fattore C: cultura, complessità e condivisione - Vol. II (Stati generali dell’Innovazione); Crescere a Pane e Software Libero, (CESVOL); YES WE STEM Women Empowerment in STEM (Stati generali dell’Innovazione); #D2D Introduzione al digitale e ai social network, (Garamond Editore).