Leslie Brissett

Director: Group Relations Programme, Tavistock Institutute of Human Relations
  • United Kingdom

About Leslie Brissett

Advisor on complex systems and the role of unconscious processes in groups, organisations, communities and society. 20+ years of Health systems and Further Education Board level leadership

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Aug 27, 2020

The system of systems notion is a very timely one. How do we encourage governments to work together to strengthen the International Institutions and work the power vestiges in voting structures? The journey from Global Governance to Global Government could accelerate. This could be the time to discuss what it means to be Human. COVID-19 did not bring us to global collapse, the humans planning and running the systems did.

May 16, 2018

Wonderful article, I would add that perhaps the role of learning to be human is a GROUP endeavour. Too many business and other schools in Universities are focused on developing individuals. The future is collective and human systems are more Group-ish than solitary. It will be interesting to see more multidisciplinarity at Doctorate levels.

I recommend everyone to look into Group Relations as a learning methodolgy

May 16, 2018

The impact of the AI seems to be that the humans who create them, seem to not wish to face the "dark side" of being human. Our capacity to hate and destroy if not acknowledged will manifest in surprising ways. If the role of quantum entanglements are to be believed, simply the idea of a thing creates the thing. We need to support those developing AI and the codes to work on their on psyche so that it is not projected out into the technology they develop.

As Einstein is quoted as saying, " An idea never leaves its source"