Tackling the great mismatch: Retaining talent at all ages

This OECD Forum Virtual Event will focus on what is needed to address the changing job markets

About this room

As part of an OECD Forum series, the virtual event Tackling the great mistmatch: Retaining talent at all ages took place from 1430–1600 CET on 17 May 2023. This event has ended but don't worry, you can still ► watch the replay!

In the past three years we have seen tremendous changes in what all of us expect from our working lives. The current cost-of-living crisis is further shaping choices to stay or return to the labour market. Within this uncertain context and ongoing labour and skill shortages, attracting and retaining talent at all ages is one of the most important challenges employers face. The OECD Forum Virtual session will discuss the best strategies based on the recommendations of a new OECD report Retaining Talent at All Ages, including better job quality and pay, valuing talent through career development and progression strategies, investment in training and continuous development of skills, more flexibility to reconcile work and other responsibilities and a greater focus on health and well-being in the workplace.