Communicating on public health and vaccines in a climate of mis/disinformation

Communicating on public health and vaccines in a climate of mis/disinformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. Unprecedented lockdown measures have put our resilience and mental health to the test, social distancing practices have reconfigured spatial relations, school closures have exposed inequalities across communities and business shutdowns have disrupted economic activities.

As part of an OECD Forum series, the virtual event Communicating on public health and vaccines in a climate of mis/disinformation ​took place on Thursday, 19 November.

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Promoting de-worming at schools

Schools are the best place to promote health programmes both at individual and collective level. The comprehensive and integrated environment of a school provides a good setting to encourage health promotion campaigns. The practice of health promotion in schools has been emphasized by the World Health Organization (WHO) several times in its health conventions. Studies have been undertaken by various health agencies to find out the synergy between health promotion and academic institutions and schools were identified as a preferable place to address both individual’s attitudes and behaviours. There are evidence about how a comprehensive and integrated health promotion campaign designed for schools can improve children’s health but what a health campaign promoting de-worming should constituent and how and in what ways it should be implemented in a school involving a wide range of actors is a less talked area. Engaging schools in promoting de-worming needs to look health promotion as a multi-component, context-sensitive and behaviour-change oriented intervention and shall aim to identify the socio-cultural conditions and actions leading to the implementation of de-worming programme in schools. Policy dialogues and response strategies are required to look into how and in what ways health promotion programs are implemented in Schools. What different socio-cultural factors are associated with the implementation of health promotion programmes in schools? How to conceptualize and design health interventions to promote vaccinations and immunization at schools while effectively addressing the complexities in a school setting.  
Nov 19, 2020

Vaccination in Popular Culture and the Arts

The rate of ideas shared in today's panel was exhilarating. I'm a research-creation PhD candidate exploring the use of science fiction to help young people understand vaccine science, hesitancy and denialism ( anyone else interested in how popular culture and the arts can enlarge and deepen this conversation? 

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This event has ended and registration is now closed—but don't worry, you can still ► watch the replay!