Building a gender-equal recovery

Building a gender-equal recovery

As part of an OECD Forum series, the virtual event Building a gender-equal recovery took place on 28 April 2021.

This event has now ended and registration is closed – but don't worry, you can still watch the replay!

How can we ensure that the COVID-19 crisis provides the wake-up call needed to accelerate and secure lasting gender equality?

Women have been at the forefront of the pandemic, as healthcare workers, teachers, caregivers, working parents juggling new responsibilities. As countries begin to gradually move to a post-pandemic world it is key that plans for the economic and social recovery from COVID-19 include more women both in terms of representation, but also in terms of taking a gender-perspective in all policy measures for the recovery.

Pulse of Fintech

Started over 1 year ago

We are working tirelessly to sustain an advanced, modern, future-ready financial system across the World.

To build a mature FinTech ecosystem we must capture five pillars: 1) Demand, 2) Adequacy of working Capital, 3) Policy, Procedures and Internal controls, 4) Talent, and 5) Infrastructure.

FinTech will achieve its goal by working with industry and regulatory authorities to ensure a central role for innovation and digital transformation and the promotion of a culture of robust risk management. This commitment is backed by two key elements: effective and balanced regulations, and robust digital infrastructure.

The objective is to provide a set of principles when using enabling technologies in financial services and accompanying guidance. The key principles are broad enough to cater to different business matrix, operating systems and financial services offered by existing organizations operating in, and new entrants to, the financial services sectors. This technique can be a use full tool to upgrade the economic structure of the countries.

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Rizwan Khan  ( PGDip OL , University of Oxford)