A New Societal Contract for the Recovery

As part of an OECD Forum series, the virtual event Healthcare in the Digital Age​ took place on Thursday, 3 December.

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This session was an opportunity to reflect on the fact that, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, life had changed significantly in the first two decades of the 21st century as a result of trends such as increasing levels of inequality, disruptions in technology, climate change, globalisation, the financial crisis of 2008 and its recovery. Whilst in the pre-COVID environment, many around the world were urging for a “profound reset”, the current context fundamentally calls for an even deeper reflection on the type of society in which we want to live. This new societal contract will require all stakeholders to join forces to shape our future, and help find solutions to address deep-seated fragilities within our current economies and societies, while seeking to maintain livelihoods and improve people’s lives.
Apr 05, 2021

Should societies be warned about the cultural and social impacts of globalization/digitalization?

What we are exposed to generally contibutes to the ways we think about the subjects and can alter our worldviews. I don't think either that it means being open to new ideas has always bad consequences, but rather the amount we're willing to digest certainly has to do with something, so to say. I don't mind if people 50 years from now will converge to a more connected and similarly-structured societies. I'm just curious about how minor things could change somethings on earth, in this case, I'm worried about uniqueness.

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This event has ended and registration is now closed—but don't worry, you can still ► watch the replay!