IdeaFactory: High-intensity Democracy

IdeaFactory: High-intensity Democracy

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Using Ethical Approach To Tackle The Corruption In Africa

Started over 2 years ago

In Nigeria, there have been many strategies and mechanisms to alleviate poverty yet – the country continue to exhibit high rates of poverty. Corruption is the main obstacle to poverty alleviation and economic development in my country – Nigeria.

Corruption in Nigeria has its root in permissive culture. Behavior is our main problem. This is more reason most conventional methods of tackling corruption cannot work in my country.

Transparency International: described corruption as abuse of entrusted power for private gain. This behavior includes both legal and illegal behavior; it involves manipulation of policies, stealing from public funds, bribery etc. Corruption is the root cause of all injustice, all inequality, and all failures in ethics or integrity.

The situation in Africa require serious ethical approach.

My anti-corruption initiative (Voice of God Movement) is a movement of the gospel for societal renewal. It aims to advance democracy in Nigeria by promoting Biblical ethics, integrity, economic justice, and socio-economic development in the Nigerian Society.

I fight corruption with Bible, my approach is fair and it tackles the corruption in Nigeria from its root. There over one hundred million professing Christians in the country. Religion provides the basis and language for ethical behavior in Nigeria.

I do what I do by creating compelling contents (videos & free prints) that can help raise awareness, reset mindsets, change attitudes and stir Christians and Churches in Nigeria to rise and help control corruption in Nigeria. The Bible reveals that God is deeply concerned about justice and calls us to share in this concern - Micah 6:7 Isaiah 1:17. Although the church in Nigeria is actively involved in the politics of Nigeria.

I believe if the entire church come together to take collective action against corruption in the country, millions of poor Nigerians will be free from poverty. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa. If the corruption in Nigeria is reduced, the rest of Sub-Saharan African region will feel the positive heavily.